Snap-Action Rollout Limit Safety Capillary Control

Snap-Action Rollout Limit Safety Capillary Control
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York Snap-Action Rollout Limit Safety Capillary Control

This temperature control was originally developed to sense hot spots along the length of electric baseboard heaters. It is also used in other applications where it is necessary to sense temperatures along a continuous length.
The capillary tube is vacuum charged with selected fluids to give specific calibrations.
When the calibration temperature is reached, a change in fluid vapor pressure allows the diaphragm to snap through and operate the contacts.
The snap-action design provides high-speed contact separation and excellent reliability. Typical applications for this rollout safety switch include electric baseboard heaters and gas forced air furnaces.

Features and Benefits:

• The ability to sense temperature along a continuous length.
• Excellent sensitivity. Since the capillary tube is charged, the 10H responds to the hottest spot along the capillary tube.
• High-speed contact separation for long contact life.
• Design flexibility provided by a variety of switch actions, capillary tube lengths, mounting brackets and terminations.

Switch Actions:

• Automatic Reset – SPST contacts open on temperature rise and automatically reset on temperature fall.

Replaces Part Numbers: CAR10H11, 025-26357-000, 02526357000, CARL39363.

Used in Equipment Models:

DAUC090, DAUC150, DAUT090, DAUT150, DAUC-090, DAUC-150, DAUX-090, DAUX-150, DAUC-150, DAUC-090, DBUC-036, DBUC-042, DBUC-048, DBUC-060, DBUF-036, DBUF-042, DBUF-048, DBUF-060, DAUW-036, DAUW-042, DAUW-048, DAUW-060, DBUX048, DBUX060