5" Fan and Limit Controller with 125 F fan on and 100 F fan off stops, 200 F high limit stop (Honeyw

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Fan and Limit Controller with 125 F fan on and 100 F fan off stops, 200 F high limit stop and 5 in. insertion


• Three wiring terminal options available for easy installation:
• Push-in receptacles for stripped wire.
• Female receptacles for 1/4 in. male flag connectors.
• Field add-on screw terminals.
• Controls adapt to many competitive mounting holes in replacement applications.
• Available in a variety of fan and high limit setting ranges.
• L4064B,W models have manual fan switch that overrides fan control to keep fan running continuously.
• SUPER TRADELINE models include deluxe case with mounting adapters for easy installation and strain relief bushings to protect wiring from field abuse.

Product Specifications Back To Top Description Fan and Limit Controller with 125 F fan on and 100 F fan off stops, 200 F high limit stop and 5 in. insertion Application Forced warm air heating systems
High Limit Temperature Range (F) 100 F to 250 F
High Limit Temperature Range (C) 38 C to 121 C
Element Insertion Length (in.) 5 in.
Element Insertion Length (mm) 127 mm
Fan-on Range (F) 65 F to 215 F
Fan-on Range (C) 18 C to 102 C
Fan-off Range (F) 50 F to 200 F
Fan-off Range (C) 10 C to 93 C
High Limit Stop (F) 200 F
Fan-on Stop (F) 125 F
Fan-off Stop (F) 100 F
Switching Action Fan switch makes and high limit switch breaks on temperature rise.
Electrical Rating Fan (AFL) 14 A @ 120 Vac;7 A @ 240 Vac
Electrical Rating Fan (ALR) 84 A @ 120 Vac;42 A @ 240 Vac
Electrical Rating Limit (AFL) 4 A @ 240 Vac;8 A @ 120 Vac
Electrical Rating Limit (ALR) 24 A @ 240 Vac;48 A @ 120 Vac
Pilot Duty Ratings 0.25 A @ 0.25 to 12 Vdc;2 A @ 24 Vac Operating Temperature Range (F) -40 F to +190 F
Operating Temperature Range (C) -40 C to +88 C
Differential Temperature (F) High limit 25 F
Differential Temperature (C) High limit 14 C
Maximum Ambient Temperature (F) Switch: 190F; Sensing Element: 350 F
Maximum Ambient Temperature (C) Switch: 88 C; Sensing Element: 177 C
Mounting Rigid bracket Dimensions (in.) 5 3/8 in. high x 3 in. wide x 1 19/32 in. deep excluding element.
Dimensions (mm) 137 mm high x 76 mm wide x 40 mm deep excluding element
Approvals, Underwriters Laboratories Inc Listed File MP466, Guide MBPR
Approvals, Canadian Standards Association Certified
Comments Turns fan on and off according to plenum temperature. With helical bimetal sensing element. High limit stop set at 200F (93 C). With manual fan switch. Deluxe cover. Replaces L4064A,B,E.
Tradeline Value Super Tradeline
Replaces Fan Limit Control Part Numbers:

L4069A1003 L4069C1009 68485 P-8-4930 P84930 L4064B1469 68485 6848501 CNT0167 CNT00167 CNT01223 CNT1223 SWT0998 SWT00998 SWT1014 SWT01014 SWT1101 SWT01101 CNT0089 CNT00089 CNT0357 CNT00357 CNT0372 CNT00372 CNT0386 CNT00386 CNT0388 CNT00388 CNT0504 CNT00504 CNT0649 CNT00649 CNT0717 CNT00717 CNT01101 CNT1101 CNT0851 CNT00851 L4064A 1339 L4064A1339 867.765420 87055 L4064A13395 L4064B1469 L4064A1339 CARL4064B1469

Used In Trane, American Standard Equipment Model Numbers:

TUP080A948A1 TUPO80A948A1 TUS120B960A0

Used In Bard Equipment Model Numbers: