22" 2 Wing Condenser Fan Blade (ICP)

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22" 2 Wing Condenser Fan Blade

We carry 2, 3, 4, and 5 Blades, 10" to 26" in diameter and we have them all in stock.
These Fan Blades will replace just about all Brands and Makes of Fan Blades on the market.
These Fan Blades are made of Rugged Heavy Duty Aluminum with Plated Steel Spiders.
Hubs are sold separately per motor shaft diameter.
Please see our Hubs section.


Blade Size:"
Number of Blades: 2
Rotation: CW
Wing Type: Condenser Fan Blade
Blade Pitch:22

Replaces Part Numbers:

1086030 1051216 CAR1087331.

Used in Air Conditioning Brands: Arcoair, Comfortmaker, Heil, Tempstar, Synder General, Intercity Products

Used with Equipment Models:

CA5030VKB1 AJ024GA1 CA9624VKB2 CH9518VKCA CH9524VKCA CH9530VKCA NHP224AKA1 NHP224GKA1 NHP224MKA1 NHP230AKA1 NHP230GKA1 NHP230MKA1 TCA236VKA1 AJ024G1 CH9518VKA1, H8S524A3V1, H8S530A3V1, YG030GC9, YG036GC9, YJ030G1, YJ030G2, YK024G, YK024GC2, YK030G, YK030GC2, CH9518VKA2, CH9518VKA3, CH9518VKB1, CH9524VKA1, CH9524VKA2, CH9524VKA3, CH9524VKB1, CH9530VKA1, CH9530VKA2, CH9530VKA3, CH9530VKA9, CH9530VKB1, CH9536VKA9, CH9730VKA1, CH9736VKA1, H8S518A3V1, H8S518A3V2, CH5036QKA2, CH5530QKA1, CH5530QKA2, CH5530VKA1, CH5530VKA2, CH7524QKA1, CH7524QKA2, CH7524QKA3, CH7524VKA1, CH7524VKA2, CH7524VKA3, CH7524VKA4, CH7530QKA1, CH7530QKA2, CH7530VKA1, CH7530VKA2, CH7530VKA3, CH4036VKA1, CH5018QKA1, CH5018KA2, CH5018VKA1, CA5018VKA2, CH5024KA1, CH5024KA2, CH5024QKB1, CH5024QKB2, CH5024QKB3, CH5024VKA1, CH5024VKA1, CH5024VKA2, CH5024VKB1, CH5024VKB2, CH5024VKB3, CH5030QKA2, CH5030QKB1, CH5030QKB2, CH5030QKB3, CH5030VKA1, CH5030VKB1, CH5030VKB2, CH5030VKB3, CA5024UKB1, CA5030SKA1, CA5030VKA1, CA5030VKB1, CA5530VKA1, CA5530QKA1, CA553018QKA1, CH3018QKA2, CH3018VKA1, CH3018VKA2, CH3024QKA1, CH3024QKA2, CH3024VKA1, CH3024VKA2, CH3030QKA1, CH3030QKA2, CH3030VKA1, CH3030VKA2, CH4036VKA1, AG030G, CA5018QKA1, CA5018SKA1, CA5018VKA1, CA5024QKA1, CA5024SKA1, CA5024VKA1, CA5030QKA1, CA5030QKB1,

* IMPORTANT!!! - PLEASE NOTE: Fan Hub Sold Separately Order 1/2" Fan Hub Part Number: 1FBHC /FONT>