3-1/2 Ton upto 10 Ton Compressor Hard Start Kit Bring Your Old Compressor Back To Life Again

3-1/2 Ton upto 10 Ton Compressor Hard Start Kit Bring Your Old Compressor Back To Life Again
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3-1/2 Ton upto 10 Ton Compressor Hard Start Kit Bring Your Old Compressor Back To Life Again:

Compressor Rapidstart - current sensing start kit

Operates from 95-288 VAC
Maximum input voltage: 502VAC
Patented current sensing circuitry
Self-adjusting to voltage fluctuation
Easy to install, 2 wires, clip, or screw mounted
For scroll or reciprocating compressors
Solid-state circuitry
Boost starting torque
Disengages upon start
Operating temperature range -40°C to ±65°C
Intrinsically safe, fuse protected (fuse not user replaceable)
UL recognized
Ideally suited for 3 1/2 thru 10 HP
243-292 Mfd 330V capacitor

Replaces Start Kit Part Numbers:KIT07687, SPP-6, KIT07687, P290-0810, 79X29, CARB11519, SPP6, P290-0810, 79X29, 32702, HS650, 600-052, CARICM810, CAR600052.

Used in Equipment Models:

Instalattion Instructions:

Photo above shows how easy this Hard Start Kit is to Install.
1.First Turn Off all Power to your equipment.
2. Connect either one of the two wires from the New Start Kit and plug one of them to each side of your existing Run Capacitort as shown in photo. Now you will need to Look for the two correct terminals on your existing Run Capacitor to hook to your Start Kit's two wires. On the very Top of your Run Capacitor stamped in the metal next to the Terminals will be marked "C" for Common and one Terminal will be marked "H" for Herm which stands for Hermetic Compressor and the third terminal will be marked Fan, this Fan Terninal you will not use now you can hook either one of the two Blue start kit wires to the "H" and to the "C" Terminals on your Run Capacitor its that easy.

Are Compressor Hard Start Devices Needed? Compressor hard start devices are a luxury item for service technicians to use in rectifying a myriad of compressor start problems. It is true that the majority of hard start device applications result from the marginal voltages delivered by electric utilities during peak demand periods. As the predominant application is air conditioning, the hard start device can serve as an insurance policy for compressor starts when voltages drop to 90% of rated line conditions. The ability to ensure a compressor start under low voltage conditions can serve to minimize the number of "nuisance" service calls and allow a service contractor to focus on true problem events.

OPERATION:When the compressor is called upon to start, the start capacitor provides a voltage boost to the start winding of the motor (effectively simulating the phasor lead/lag of a three-phase motor) and causes the motor rotor to turn. At some point, when the capacitor is released from the start winding, the motor continues to run. The use of compressor start devices results from a need to ensure that a compressor (usually air conditioning) will start under voltage conditions that are less than ideal. As discussed, several options exist in the market to address compressor start concerns. Start devices exist in many forms for specific applications.

Used in Equipment Models:CK42-1, PC042-1A, CK49-1B, CK49-18, CK49-1, CK60-1, CKJ42-1, CKJ48-1, CKJ60-1, CPKE42-1, CPKE48-1, CPKE60-1, PC042-1, PC048-1, PC060-1, PGB042100-1, PGB048125-1, PGB060150-1, PH042-1, PH048-1, PH060-1.