24 Volt Ignition Spark Module (White Rodgers)

24 Volt Ignition Spark Module (White Rodgers)
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24 Volt Ignition Spark Module (White Rodgers)

The 5059 Pilot Relight Control is a low voltage control that generates ignition sparks. It is energized by the thermostat on a call for heat. Once flame is established, the control senses the flame and stops sparking. If the pilot flame is extinguished during a call for heat, the relight control will begin sparking immediately upon sensing absence of flame. The control delivers very low current sparks (approximately 6,000 volts).

Pilot Relite Control, 1/4" Spade Terminals, 24V Input, 1/4" Spade Terminal High Voltage Connection


• Generates spark pulse until flame is sensed through spark electrode.
• Begins sparking immediately if flame extinguishes.
• Rugged solid state module design.


This control requires a connection to a dead metal ground for proper control operation (mounting screws provided accomplish this requirement). When used in a grounded secondary circuit, T2 terminal must be connected to ground.
Some furnace manufacturers paint their furnaces. If so, the paint must be scraped from both sides of a furnace where the grounded mounting hole (identified by a chassis ground symbol on the 5059 pilot relight control) comes in contact with the furnace wall (see figs. 1 and 2). To ensure a positive equipment ground, make a final continuity check between the control grounding hole and the furnace using an ohmmeter.
Mount the control inside the furnace in a position so that you have enough high voltage spark wire to reach the electrode, but not to expose the control to excessive high temperature conditions caused by the burner flame. The 5059 control can be mounted directly onto the furnace or can be mounted on a standard 2” x 4” switch box.
The 5059 control has a 1⁄4” male spade high voltage coil connection. You must first install the rubber boot over the wire, then strip about 3⁄8” of insulation off the high voltage wire and install a 1⁄4” female spade connector (provided in parts envelope) using a standard crimping tool

Replaces Part Numbers:

5059-23 505923 5059-21 505921 5059-22 505922 5059-25 505925 5059-23 CAR505923