Ignition Control Module (White Rodgers)

Ignition Control Module (White Rodgers)
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Ignition Control Module (White Rodgers)



Do not use on circuits exceeding specified voltage.
Higher voltage will damage control and could cause shock or fire hazard.
To prevent electrical shock and/or equipment damage, disconnect electric power to system at main fuse or circuit breaker box until installation is complete.
Failure to earth ground the appliance or reversing the neutral and hot wire connection to the line can cause shock hazard.
Shut off main gas to heating system until installation is complete.
Route and secure all wiring as far from flame as practical to prevent fire and/or equipment damage.


Replace control as unit – no user serviceable parts. All wiring should be installed according to local and national electrical codes and ordinances. The control may be mounted in any orientation on a convenient surface using two #6 x 5/8” sheet metal screws. If desired, control can be mounted on a 4” x 4” junction box using two #8-32 x 5/8” machine screws. The control must be secured to an area that will experience a minimum of vibration and remain below the maximum ambient temperature rating of 175°F. The control is approved for minimum ambient temperatures of –40°. Refer to the wiring diagrams and wiring table when connecting the control to other components of the system. UL approved 105°C rated 18 gauge minimum wire is recommended for all low voltage connections. UL approved 105°C rated 16 gauge minimum wire is recommended for all line voltage connections. After installation or replacement, follow appliance manufacturer’s recommended installation/service instructions to insure proper operation.

Program Key Timing Specifications Quick Reference


Input Voltage: 18 to 30 VAC, 60 Hz
Current: 0.2 amp + MV + PV @ 25OC
Relay Contact Ratings:
Pilot Valve Relay: 1.5 amp @ 25 VAC 60 Hz
Main Valve Relay: 1.5 amp @ 25 VAC 60 Hz
Spark Output:Gap: 0.1" - 0.2", 15kV 25Hz
Max cable length 3ft (0.9m)
Flame Current Requirements:Minimum current to insure flame detection: 2 µA DC*
Maximum current for non-detection: 0.2 µA DC
Maximum allowable leakage resistance: 100 M ohms
* Measured with a DC microammeter in series with the flame probe lead

OPERATING TEMPERATURE RANGE:-40° to 175°F (-40° to 80°C) HUMIDITY RANGE:To 95% relative humidity (non-condensing) MOUNTING:Surface mount or 4" x 4" junction box GASES APPROVED: Natural, Manufactured, Mixed, Liquid Petroleum, and LP Gas Air Mixtures.
Timing and Retry
A (blue) 0 Sec. 300 Sec. 0 90 Sec.
B (red) 30 Sec. 300 Sec. 0 90 Sec.
C (green) 0 Sec. 300 Sec. 0 30 Sec.
D (violet) 30 Sec. 300 Sec. 0 30 Sec.
E (orange) 0 Sec. 300 Sec. 2 60 Sec.
F (yellow) 30 Sec. 300 Sec. 2 60 Sec
G (blue\\red) 0 Sec. 300 Sec. 0 15 Sec.
H (red\\green) 30 Sec. N/A N/A Continuous
I (green\\orange) 0 Sec. 300 Sec. 0 4 Sec.
J (violet\\blue) 30 Sec. 300 Sec. 0 4 Sec.
Replaces Many Obsolete Ignition Models:

The 50D50-843 Universal Module Replaces the Following SPARK Intermittent Pilot Modules:

Camstat: IPI-24-00, Fenwal:05-203025-005, 05-203026-005, Robertshaw


S86A1001 S86A1019 S86A1027 S86A1035 S86B1009 S86B1017 S86B1025 S86C1007 S86C1015 S86C1031 S86C1049 S86C1056 S86D1005 S86D1021 S86E1002 S86E1010 S86E1028 S86E1036 S86E1044 S86E1051 S86E1069 S86E1077 S86E1101 S86E1119 S86E1127 S86F1000 S86F1018 S86F1026 S86F1042 S86F1059 S86F1067 S86F1075 S86F1083 S86F1091 S86G1008 S86G1016 S86G1032 S86G1057 S86G1073 S86H1006 S86H1022 S86H1048 S86H1089 S86H1097 S86H1105 S86H1121 S86H1147 S90A1005 S90B1003 S90B1011 S8600A1001 S8620H1028

Johnson Controls:

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