24 Volt Ignition Control Module 5 Wire Edge Connector.(White Rodgers) OBSOLETE - DO NOT ORDER

24 Volt Ignition Control Module 5 Wire Edge Connector.(White Rodgers) OBSOLETE - DO NOT ORDER
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White Rodgers OEM Ignition Control Module 5 Wire Edge Connector.

Description of Item:

Combination Pilot Relight Control And Lockout Timer


Electrical Rating: 60 Hz., 0.030A @ 30 VAC Max.
Ambient Temp.: 32° to 150°F
Mounting: Surface or 2” x 4” box
Spark Circuit Flame Failure Response Time: 0.8 sec.
Recycle Time: 0.8 sec.
Spark Gap: 3⁄32” to 5⁄32”
System Timing: Flame Establishing Period: 90 sec.
Timer:Trial for Ignition Time:* 150 sec.
Reset Time: 5 min.
* Max. time allowed for system to establish pilot and switch main burner on.


1. Turn off power to the system at the main fuse or breaker box before beginning installation.
2. Mount the 50A22 relight/timer control in an area on the appliance where it will not be affected by rollout flame, flame heat, or radiant heat. Maximum ambient temperature should not exceed 155° F.
a. Be sure metal-to-metal contact is made between mounting hole standoffs on 50A22 and mounting surface.
b. Connect the high voltage lead to the terminal on top of the 50A22, after feeding the lead through the angled insulation boot. Press the boot over the connection. Avoid excessive strain on the ignition cable, as this may cause the cable to pull out of the ceramic. (The ignition cable is held in the ceramic by a push-on connector.)
3. Plug the 5-wire connector from the gas valve wiring harness into the receptacle on the 50A22. Be sure metal clips in 5-wire plug are aligned.
4. If replacing a 24 volt gas valve, attach wires previously connect to old gas valve to the terminals on the 50A22 Relight/Timer.
If replacing other control configurations,refer to figures 4 and 5 for typical wiring.
5.Typical system wiring hookup. When wiring this system, be sure the limit control is not accidentally wired out of the circuit.
6. Inspect all existing wiring for damage, loose connections, etc. Secure all wiring to chassis or piping with electrical/friction tape or plastic wire-wraps so they will not be able to contact high temperature locations.

Replaces Ignition Module Part Numbers:

50A22-4 50A224 50A22-1 50A221 5022-3 50223 50A22-4 205946 50A221 CAR50A224.