Ignition Module Kit Replaces many Obsolete Modules (Robertshaw)

Ignition Module Kit Replaces many Obsolete Modules (Robertshaw)
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New Upgraded Ignition Robertshaw Replacement Kit.


1. (1) Ignition Module
2. (1) Flame Sensor and Igniter
3. (1) Wiring Harness
4. (1) Electro Wiring Harness
5. (1) Mounting Hardware
6. (1) Installation Instructions

Replaces Obsolete Ignition Module Part Numbers:

C9466204 SP150-9092 C6391101A C9465101 4070-702 4070-700 63530 4070-703, 66201363530, 46-1315, SP730A, SP720, SP750-919, SP750-919-01, 780-700, (SP750-909, SP750-901,SP750-902, SP750-903, SP750-410, SP730, SP730A, 780-713, SP730-919, SP730-929-01, 780-711, SP730, SP730A, 780-712, SP750.909-2, 780-713, SP730, SP730-919, 780-704, SP730-929-01, 780-711, SP750-919, SP750-919-01, 780-700, SP750-909, SP750-909-01, SP750-909-02, SP750-909-03, SP750-410, FSD0-76861, CAR780704.

Replaced with Robertshaw Ignition Kit.
This Robertshaw Ignition Kit converts D" and K" Series sensing/Flame switch pilot ignition systems to " Flame Rectification" without replacing the existing gas valve. All necessary parts are included in new kit.
Used in Equipment Models:

Used In Amana Goodman Equipment Model Numbers:

GCE105DM GCE105DM P9652504F GCE105DM-3 P9652505F GCE120DM P9652506F GCE120DM3.5 P9652507F GCE65DM-2 P9652501F GCE80DM P9652502F GCE80DM-3 P9652503F GHE105DM P9652406F GHE105DM-3 P9652407F GHE105DM-5 P9652408F GHE120DM P9652409F GHE120DM-4 P9652410F GHE140DM-4 P9652411F GHE160DM-R5 P9652412F GHE200M-R5 P9652413F GHE65DM-2 P9652401F GHE65DM-3 P9652402F GHE80DM P9652403F GHE80DM-4 P9652405F GHE80DM03 P9652404F GLE105M-R3 P9648401F GLE120M-R3 P9648402F GLE140M-R4 P9648403F GLE160M-R4 P9648404F GLE200M-R5 P9648405F P9652504F P9659704F GCE105DM-3 P9652505F GCE105DM3 P9659705F GHE56DN-3 GHE56DN3 GHE80DM P9652403F P9659603F GHE80DM-3 P9652404F GHE80DM-4 P9652405F GHE80DM03 P9652404F GHE80DM3 P9659604F GHE80DM4 P9659605F

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