20 H.P. 480 Volt Type-1 VSD Series Variable Speed IntelliPass Drive (Johnson Controls)

20 H.P. 480 Volt Type-1 VSD Series Variable Speed IntelliPass Drive (Johnson Controls)
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20 H.P. 480 Volt Type-1 VSD Series Variable Speed IntelliPass Drive (Johnson Controls)

Product Description:
Introducing Johnson Controls
VSD Series Variable Speed IntelliPass/
IntelliDisconnect Drives powered by
Cutler-Hammer ® enclosed control and
circuit breaker technology from
Eaton’s electrical business.
The IntelliPass bypass is a two- or
three-contactor design utilizing 24V DC
contactors and power supplies. The
features, function and form allow the
drive and bypass to become an inte-grated
design, the world’s smallest
drive and bypass package. The Intelli-Pass
bypass comes standard with a
Cutler-Hammer circuit breaker inte-grated
into the drive and bypass

Features & Benefits
• Compatibility with current and
future Johnson Controls network
• Supported by standard Johnson
Controls ordering, estimating, and
project management tools: Advanced
Order Management System (AOMS),
Advanced Installation Management
(AIM) Tools — QUICKLIT, Catalog,
• Closed-loop control programmed
with engineering units for specific
Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning
(HVAC) applications:
duct static, building static, pressure
control, and temperature control
• Run permissive damper control in
drive or bypass mode
• Up to 6 user-defined skip frequencies
• User-selectable S-Shaped accelera-tion/
deceleration curve
• Selectable AI Min/Max/Averaging
• Digital inputs can be defined for
normally-open or normally-closed
• Quick and easy non-HVAC specific,
standard application to get the drive
up and running
• Automatic fault display captures
16 drive operating parameters at
time of fault
• Solid-state motor overload relay
provides motor protection while in
BYPASS selector on keypad
simplifies control
• Two power sources for control
ensure redundancy and provide
additional ride-through capability
• Weighs 70% less than other bypass
designs which simplifies and speeds
up the installation process, lowering
contractors’ costs
• Serial communication interface can
control both the drive and all bypass
features so that the remote operator
can fully control the motor whether
it is operated by the drive or bypass
• Plenum rated
• Standard 3% line reactors for
enhanced transient and harmonic
distortion protection
• EMI/RFI Filters standard on all drives
• Top and bottom conduit entry for
installation ease
• Standard drive current rating of
100 kAIC, bypass rating of 65 kAIC
• Pass-through I/O capability
• Lockable disconnect in OFF position
• 3rd Contactor drive isolation option
• I/O and communication cards pro-vide
plug and play functionality
• Copy/Paste keypad function allows
transfer of parameter settings from
one drive to the next
• Keypad can display up to three moni-tored
parameters simultaneously
• Standard TYPE 12 keypad on all drives
• Drive programming capability
using auxiliary 24V power supply
• Standard option board configura-tion
includes an A9 I/O board, A2
relay output board and a B5 output
board which are installed in slots A,
B and C respectively
• Programmable Automatic Restart
Options — choose from disable;
automatically transferred to Bypass;
reset drive only; and reset drive and,
if fails, then transferred to Bypass
(IntelliPass only)

Technical Data & Specifications:
Power Connections:
Input Voltage (V in ) +10% / -15% Input Frequency (f in ) 50/60 Hz (variation up to 45 – 66 Hz) Connection to Power Once per minute or less (typical operation) Current Withstand Rating 65 kAIC

Motor Connections:
Output Voltage 0 to V in Continuous Output Current Ambient temperature max. +104°F(+40°C), overload 1.1 x I L (1 min./10 min.) Starting Current 110% Output Frequency 0 to 320 Hz Frequency Resolution .01 Hz

Control Characteristics:
Control Method Frequency Control (V/f) Open Loop Sensorless Vector Control Switching Frequency Adjustable Parameter @ 480V 1 – 40 hp: 1 to 16 kHz; default 10 kHz 50 – 75 hp: 1 to 10 kHz; default 3.6 kHz Frequency Reference Analog Input: Resolution .1% (10-bit), accuracy ± 1% Panel Reference: Resolution .01 Hz Field Weakening Point 30 to 320 Hz Acceleration Time 0 to 3000 sec. Deceleration Time 0 to 3000 sec. Braking Torque DC brake: 30% x T n (without brake option)

Ambient Conditions:
Ambient Operating Temperature 14°F (-10°C), no frost to 104°F (+40°C) Storage Temperature -40°F (-40°C) to 158°F (70°C) Relative Humidity 0 to 95% RH, noncondensing, non-corrosive, no dripping water Air Quality Chemical vapors: IEC 721-3-3, unit in operation, class 3C2; Mechanical particles: IEC 721-3-3, unit in operation, class 3S2 Altitude 100% load capacity (no derating) up to 3280 ft. (1000m); 1% derating for each 328 ft. (100m) above 3280 ft. (1000m); max. 9842 ft. (3000m) Enclosure Class TYPE 1/IP21

EMC (at default settings) Immunity: Fulfills all EMC immunity requirements; Emissions: EN 61800-3, LEVEL H Safety UL 508C; CSA C22.2 No. 14 Product IEC 61800-2; Plenum Rated

Pollution Level:
Air Quality Chemical Vapors IEC721-3-3, unit in operation, class 3C2 Mechanical Particles IEC721-3-3, unit in operation, class 3S2

Control Connections:
Analog Input Voltage 0 to 10V, R = 200 Ù differential; Resolution .1%; accuracy ±1% Analog Input Current 0(4) to 20 mA; R i - 250 Ù differential Digital Inputs (6) Positive or negative logic; 18 to 24V DC Auxiliary Voltage +24V ±15%, max. 250 mA Output Reference Voltage +10V +3%, max. load 10 mA Analog Output 0(4) to 20 mA; R L max. 500 Ù ; Resolution 10 bit; Accuracy ±2% Digital Outputs Open collector output, 50 mA/48V Relay Outputs 2 programmable Form C relay outputs Switching capacity: 24V DC / 8A, 250V AC / 8A, 125V DC / .4A

Overcurrent Protection Trip limit 4.0 x I H instantaneously Overvoltage Protection Yes Undervoltage Protection Yes Earth Fault Protection In case of earth fault in motor or motor cable, only the frequency converter is protected Input Phase Supervision Trips if any of the input phases are missing Motor Phase Supervision Trips if any of the output phases are missing Overtemperature Protection Yes Motor Overload Protection Yes Motor Stall Protection Yes Motor Underload Protection Yes Short Circuit Protection Yes (Of the +24V and +10V Reference Voltages) Programmable Automatic Restart Options Yes — Disable; Automatically transferred to Bypass; Reset Only; Reset drive, if fails, then transferred to Bypass

Line Voltage 208/230/480V Drive Efficiency >95% Reliability 500,000 Hours MTBF Power Factor (Displacement) .96 Ratings UL Listed, File No. E244421; cUL Listed Warranty Two Years Standard Terms; Three Years with Certified Start-Up

Product Specifications:
Base Product: VS (Variable Speed Drive Prefix)
Horsepower (VT): 20
Voltage: 480V
Enclosure Rating: Type 1
Enclosure Style: Intellipass
Revision #: A
Separator: -
Communications: N2/XT/SA Bus Communications (N2 By Default)
Option 1: P6 (Third Contactor Drive Isolation-Provides load side isolation to the drive in the event of an SCR or DC Bus failure, allowing the drive to go into bypass without tripping the circuit breaker. Typically used in critical applications or when required in a specification.)
Option 2: None

Replaces Part Numbers:
DS020411A-NP600 DS020411ANP600 VS020411A-NP600 CARVS020411ANP600