Heat Pump Defrost Circuit Board.(York , Luxaire)

Heat Pump Defrost Circuit Board.(York , Luxaire)
Code: CIB3101264
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York, Luxaire, Coleman New Upgraded Heat Pump Circuit Board.

Fan + Electric Heat Control with Off-Board + On-Board Relays

Integrated fan and electric heat safety control.
Microprocessor controlled for accuracy and flexibility
UL recognized as a safety control with 250,000 cycle life
Enables single, pilot-duty limit for lowest system cost
On- or off-board heater relays.
Controls up to 30KW of electric heat elements (up to six heater banks)
Fan and heater element failure detection.
Speed-up mode to cut end product test time.
Multi-speed fan control.
Built-in diagnostic tools.
PCB designs that carry up to 80 Amps.


York air handler

Part Type: Circuit Board.
Used in Luxaire York Equipment Models:

N1AHB1206A F1RP042H06A F2RP024H06B F2RP030H06B F2RP036H06B F2RP042H06B F+RP042H06A F1RC036N06A F2RC036N06A FBRC036N06A FRC036N06A B1HH036AD6B EIFD036306A BAUH-F042AB BAUHF042AB FIRP036M06 F-FP060N06A F2FP048H06B 2HK06500806B F1RP036H06A F1RP036H06B F+RP036H06B F+RP036H06A F2FP036N068 F2FP036N06B 2HK06501006B

Replaces Circuit Board Part Numbers:

031-01238000 031-01264-001 03101264002 03101264001 S107322087000 6EH05-3 031-01264-000 031-01264-002 031-01238-000 031-01260-002 6EH05-3 CAR03101264002.