" Save a Life " 1 to 3 ton Compressors Heavy Duty Long Lasting Start Kit, Save the Life of your Com

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1 to 3 Ton Compressors

Used on all brands of Air Conditioning single phase compressors

Heavy Duty Hard Start Kit Specially Designed for GOODMAN, JANITROL and MANEUROP Compressors.
This Hard Start Kit will also work on most all other brands of air conditioning and refrigeration compressors up to 3 tons.

1 to 3 HP Compressors
High Torque:189-227.
For Single Phase
Voltage: 208V, 230V, 265V
Used in: A/C, Refrigeration & Heat Pump Compressors
2-wire pre-assembled starting components utilize a mechanical potential relay and a start capacitor.

This 2-wire pre-assembled starting components utilize a mechanical potential relay and a start capacitor.

Instalattion Instructions:

Photo above shows how easy this Hard Start Kit is to Install.

1.First Turn Off all Power to your equipment.
2. Connect either one of the two wires from the New Start Kit and plug one of them to each side of your existing Run Capacitort as shown in photo.
3. If your Run Capacitor has more than two terminals it is called a Dual Run Capacitor which means it also controls the Condenser Fan Motor from the same Run Capacitor.
4. Now you will need to Look for the two correct terminals on your existing Run Capacitor to hook to your Start Kit's two wires.
On the very Top of your Run Capacitor stamped in the metal next to the Terminals will be marked "C" for Common and one Terminal will be marked "H" for Herm which stands for Hermetic Compressor and the third terminal will be marked Fan, this Fan Terninal you will not use now you can hook either one of the two Blue start kit wires to the "H" and to the "C" Terminals on your Run Capacitor its that easy.

Replaces Part Numbers:

1160725 SK-B1-2 A11 A03 CK24-18 7601-170 SK-B1-1 7601-151 7601-12 7600-246 A07 7601-172 A04 A15 7601-152 7601-169 B08 SK-B2-1 B03 TO-5 MT18JA MTZ18JA CARB11947.

Used with all Brands of Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Systems up to 3-Tons:

Model Numbers:CK18-1, CK24-1, CK30-1, CK36-1, CKJ18-1, CK24-1, CK30-1, CK36-1, CKL18-1, CKL24-1, CKL30-1, CPKE18-1, CPKE24-1, CPKE30-1, CPKE36-1, PC024-1, PC030-1, PC036-1, PGB024075-1, PGB030075-1, PGB036100-1, PH024-1, PH030-1, PH036-1, MT18JA-1, MTE18JA-1, MTZ18JA-1.