20 MFD 370 Volt Round Run Capacitor.

20 MFD 370 Volt Round Run Capacitor.
Code: CAP20370R
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Round Run Capacitor 20.0 MFD

370 Volts
For continuous, heavy-duty applications
Match up the MFD Rating and the Voltage Rating for the Proper Capacitor.

Replaces Capacitor Part Number:
53H1301 53H13 CPT0783 CPT00783 CPT1157 CPT01157 CPT0464 CPT00464 43-21298-18 432129818 12714 12214 024-21062-700 02421062700 024-21062-000 02421062000 024-20051-700 02420051700 024-20051-000 02420051000 024-20051-000 024-21062-700 024-13530-000 024-13583-000 024-19178-000 A802-130 CPT-316 97F9603 37200H 325P206H37A36N4X 325P206H37C25N4X 97F5463 97F5603 12014 RC014 RC37X20 CPT316 CPT0316 CPT00316 02420051000 02421062700 02413530000 02413583000 02419178000 A802130 97F9602 024-21062-700 02421062700 43-25136-09 432513609 CARG31791.

Used in Coleman York Equipment Models:

D6CG036N07925A DGAH077BBSA DGAH077BBSB D1EBO42AOGA D1EB042A0GA D1NA042N07206C D1NA036N05606C HS17-813-4Y HS17-813-4-Y HS178134Y -PGA-018AAQ PGA018AAQ RPGA-018AAQ RPGA018AAQ UPGA-018AAQ UPGA018AAQ 7900-7751 SHP60-25A SHP60-6A B1SP060A06 B1SP060A25 BAHTF060A BAHTT060A DGAA056BDTA DGAA070BDTA DGAA070BDTB DGAA077BDTA DGAA077BDTB DGAA090BDTA DGAA090BDTB DGAH056BBSA DGAH077BBSA DGAH077BBSB DGPA056ABTA DGPA070ABTA DGPA077ABTA DGPA090ABTA DGPH056ABTA DGPH070ABTA DGPH077ABTA DGPH090ABTA F1CP060 HCECF012AA HCECF012AB HCECF012SA HCECF012SB T2BX013E00406A B2SP060A06A B2SP060A06B B2SP060A25A B2SP060A25B BBHTF060A BBHTT060A D1PM060E01525A D1PM060E02525A D2PM060E01525A D2PM060E02525A DDUTF060A DDUTT060A T3BX009E00306A T3BX011E00306A T3BX014E00406A 38EB036350 38QB042300 38QF036300 48KH048300 48KH048310 48KH148300 48KH148310 48KHA048300 48KHA048310 50HS042310 50HS042510 50HS042610 50HS048800 50HS060800 50SS048800 50SS060800 50ZP048310 50ZP048510 542EPX060000AAAP 564ANX048000ABAG 564APX048000ABAG 62AQ060300 655AEX042000ABAG 655ANX042000ABAG 655ANX042000JBAG 655APX042000ABAG 655APX042000JBAG CHA0100H2D CHA0100M1D CHA0150H1D CHA0150L5D CHA0150M1D CHA0200M5D PA1ZNA048000ABAA PA1ZPA048000ABAA 79007751 SHP6025A SHP606A D1NA036N07206A D1EB042AOGA D1EB042A06A