30" x 10" x 1" Permanent Electrostatic Air Filter Enjoy Cleaner Air (ALLERGY RELIEF)

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Used in Return Air Filter Grille Allergy Fighter electrostatic permanent filter can remove up to 95% of the allergy causing dust, pollens, molds, and animal dander as air circulates through you central air handling system.


The ALLERGY FIGHTER will help keep dust, mold, and other contaminates from accumulating in your heating and or air conditioning furnace or air handler unit and ductwork.

No more disposable filters, pads or sponges to replace ever, Guaranteed!! The ALLERGY FIGHTER permanent electrostatic air filter is designed to last for the life of your air-conditioning or heating unit by the manufacture. It is washable and reusable, and is constructed from the finest materials available - that's why The ALLERGY FIGHTER electrostatic air conditioning / heating filters has a Lifetime Warranty. To clean simply rinse with fresh water, let dry, and return to service.

SAVING YOU MONEY The ALLERGY FIGHTER continuously protects your A/C and Heating unit by trapping particles that would normally coat the coils, ducts and the interlining of your unit, which in the long run will reduce the operating efficiency and you are breathing this dirt every day your system turns on. This results in savings on energy cost as well as possible repair cost. The most important thing about having the correct filter in your system is every time your Heating or Air Conditioner turns on you will be breathing cleaner air.


"Breathing house dust affects more than half of all people with inhalant allergies, almost certain to upset anyone with asthma." ~Academy of Allergy and Immunology’s Committee on Environmental Controls and Indoor Air Pollution

"There are mountains of evidence that the air we breathe indoors often may be at least as polluted with cigarette smoke, dust, radioactive radon gas, formaldehyde and hundreds of other potentially hazardous chemicals, as the smog out-side."

~Environmental Protection Agency

"Maintaining a dust-free environment will enable an allergy/asthma sufferer to breathe easier and feel better."


The Allergy Fighter Electrostatic air filter is constructed with a four-stage filter component design. These filter components have inherent electrostatic charge. As the air passes through these components the static charges are increased. The filter component then attracts and holds the contaminated particles until you vacuum and washes them away. This is accomplished without restricting the normal airflow through your equipment. Periodic cleaning is essential to the proper function of the filter system.

ANTIMICROBIAL BENEFITS This Filter incorporates an Antimicrobial Agent which provides the following benefits:

· Inhabits growth of bacteria, mold, mildew and most viruses to insure lasting hygienic freshness.
· Resists deterioration, discoloration and degradation caused by fungi and bacteria.
· Inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew and most viruses to prolong the life of the treated filter.
· Provides a durable, non-leach able antimicrobial treatment.
· Provides built-in hygienic freshness.
· Provides built-in resistance to the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold, mildew and most viruses.
· Provides a chemical protection to resist odors.
· Provides a built-in deodorizer.
· Provides round-the-clock freshness.