115 Volt Totaline® Signature Electronic Air Cleaner Captures up to 95% Airborne Particals (Carrier,

115 Volt Totaline® Signature Electronic Air Cleaner Captures up to 95% Airborne Particals (Carrier,
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Carrier, Bryant, Payne Totaline® Signature Electronic Air Cleaner 20" x 25" 115 Volts

A electronic air cleaner can capture up to 95% of all airborne particles - smoke, grease, bacteria and even many viruses. An electronic model works as a sort of magnet for undesirable pollutants. An aluminum mesh filter catches most of the large particles. The smaller particles pass through an ionizing section, where they receive an electrical charge so they are attracted like magnets to grounded metal plates. The collected particles are cleaned off the plates every few months with a garden hose or by popping the filter in the dishwasher. While the process may sound complicated, electronic air cleaners only use about as much electricity as a 30-watt light bulb. Air cleaners can improve your health, keep your entire home cleaner, protect your valuable investments and save you the time and aggravation of constant dusting.


* Lifetime Filter System never needs replacing.
* Electronically removes airborne dust, mites, pollen, tobacco smoke, cooking smoke and grease, mold fungi, bacteria, viruses, and more down to .01 micron.
* Lightweight Aluminum Collecting Cells are durable and easy to maintain.
* Cell Guides ensure proper placement of collecting cells.
* Galvanized Steel Cabinet for solid vertical or horizontal installation.
* Durable scratch-resistant powder coat paint finish.
* Electronic Air Proving Switch for quick wiring.
* Solid-state Power Board for reliability and longer life.
* Dual indicator Lights show the Air Cleaner is working at a glance.

Electronically removes up to 95% of the above airborne particles down to .01 micron.

Voltage: 115
One year warranty.
High Cleaning Efficiency
Size: 20" X 25"
Lightweight, durable
4 Filter Collecting cells for easy cleaning
Replaces Part Numbers:P102-20 CAR2025X11000, CARP10220.