20" x 25" x 5" Pleated Filter Cartridge fits most all brands (3 PACK 1 Year Supply)

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20" x 25" x 4.5" Air Purifier Replacement Media Filters(3 PACK 1 Year Supply) (Honeywell White Rodgers)

Durable construction for easy, slide-in replacement.

Manufacture recommends Changing Filter Once Every Three to Four Months.

Changing Filter Timely will keep the Performance of your Heating and or Air Conditioning Equipment running to its Peak Performance.

This Deluxe Filter will catch upto the smallest particles, as small as one micron, can be filtered out at 95% effectiveness.

The only maintenance required is the periodic replacement of the disposable filter media which only takes few minutes.

Filter CFM: 2000.

The Manufacture of this Filter Cartridge Recommends changing once every three month to keep the performance of the Heating and or Air Conditioning equipment running to its peak performance.

If filters are not replaced once every three to four month over heating of furnace controls may Accrue, evaportor coils can become dirty over a period of time reducing airflow. Pleated Filter Cartridge (mechanical filter media) Replaces Filter Part Numbers:

107-903 F825-0607 20x25x5 488-2 F825-0607 CARF8250607 F825-0600 20x25x5 142-304-800 142304800 203720 FC35A1027 CARFC100A1037 229990-102 F825-0600 CARF8250600 CARL96468 CARF8250600 CARFC100A1037 .

Used With Honeywell Models: F100F2010, F150E1034, F100B1032, F100F1038