Carrier, Bryant, Payne EZ Flex Filter Replacement Cartridge.

Carrier, Bryant, Payne  EZ Flex Filter Replacement  Cartridge.
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Carrier Model MACAXCCCX014 EZ Flex Filter: Use with Carrier Filter Cabinets 325887-721, 325887-731, MACAXCCCX014, and MACA Filter Cabinets the first time you replace your current filter. ********************************************************************************************************************************** Carrier has upgraded their Factory Replacement Filter Media for Carrier Filter Cabinets. Now you can enjoy clean, fresh indoor weather all year long with this 5 minute installation. When you replace your current filter for the first time you need to order this filter *with the end caps included. The end caps allow your new EZ-Flex filter to fit into your existing Carrier air filter cabinet. All Future Filter Replacements after that only require the EZ Flex Replacement Filter Media *without the end caps. Filters normally need replacement every 6-12 months for heating and cooling systems, 6-12 months for Heating and or Cooling only Systems. Proper maintenance of your air filter ensures your Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment will operate at its Peak Efficiency. Replacing the filter is as easy as sliding out the old filter and replacing it with a new one its that easy. *** By Changing your Filter once every 6 month once for Heating and then once for Summer you will help keep your Evaporator Coils Clean and help keep the Motor and Blower Wheel free from dirt for Maxium Efficency. *** ***************************************************************************************************************************************** Design for Performance:This Filter may look like any other filter, but EZ Flex is truly different. It is designed by a company that also manufactures heating and cooling products. That’s an important point because competing filters do a good job filtering the air, but they also can restrict airflow as pollutants build up on the filter surface. Restricted airflow, or pressure drop, can cause a system to operate inefficiently, making it work longer to deliver the same amount of conditioned air to your home. As a result, efficiency will go down while operating costs will rise. In addition, excessive pressure drop can shorten the life expectancy of your system and, in severe cases, cause your heating or cooling system to shut down. EZ Flex sidesteps these issues by offering one of the lowest pressure drop ratings in the industry without sacrificing its ability to filter indoor air. The result is a media filter that allows top filter performance while maintaining the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. While other filters can bog down your system, EZ Flex continues to provide effective filtering with less pressure drop. ***************************************************************************************************************************************** MERV 10 EFFICIENCY:Carrier's, Bryant, Payne's most efficient expandable filter rating. EZ Flex, while maintaining this efficiency, offers one of the lowest airflow resistance levels in the industry, making it more effective than a standard furnace filter for improving indoor air quality. MERV – Minimum Efficiency Rating Value. ASHRAE 52.2 Standard) ***************************************************************************************************************************************** APPLICATION VERSATILITY: without sacrificing performance means that EZ Flex does a great job filtering air in new installations and older installations alike. ***************************************************************************************************************************************** ENGINEERED TO PERFORM:while maintaining the integrity of your Carrier, Bryant or Payne system. EZ Flex is designed by a company that understands the whole system. Other filters are designed by companies that focus on filtration only. ***************************************************************************************************************************************** EZ Flex Contributes to Efficient, Reliable Performance: When we say EZ Flex is efficient, we mean it effectively traps pollutants down to .3 microns in diameter while achieving an efficiency rating of MERV 10. Pollutants of this size include bacteria, pollen, plant spores, some viruses, smoke, animal dander, lint and dust. By eliminating these particles, EZ Flex improves the quality of the air you breathe. ***************************************************************************************************************************************** The Perfect Fit: Of course, EZ Flex will work with your Bryant system. The surprise is that this extremely versatile filter will also work as a replacement filter in most Space-Gard®, Trion® and Honeywell cabinets. It’s the perfect fit for improving comfort, efficiency and air quality. And it’s a comfortable fit because it’s designed by Bryant, the name you trust for all of your home comfort needs. ***************************************************************************************************************************************** Nobody Knows Comfort Like Bryant: When it comes to home comfort, we’ve got history on our side. Since the early 1900s, Bryant has been delivering comfort, quality and peace of mind to homeowners just like you. It’s a reputation we’ve earned by continuing to research newer and better ways of keeping homes comfortable. And it’s a reputation we perpetuate by offering products like the EZ Flex expandable media filter.