DC Volt or Milliamp Modulating 50 In-LB Spring Return Actuator (Johnson Controls)

DC Volt or Milliamp Modulating 50 In-LB Spring Return Actuator (Johnson Controls)
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The M130 Series Actuator positions dampers,
valves, and related equipment in a variety of
HVAC and industrial applications.

The return-to-normal function is
standard on the M130 spring return
The M130 Series Actuator operates on 24 or
120 VAC power, and is available with on-off,
floating, or proportional control inputs. The
five basic actuators can be ordered as base
units without the R81 Plug-in Electronic
Interface Boards installed or with the input
electronics factory installed. Changeable
boards provide greater application versatility,
easy conversion for changing requirements,
and quick replacement.


• output versatility allows both ends of the output shaft to be used for linkage connections for dampers
• load versatility available in torques of 25, 35, 50, 75, and 150 lb·in. (2.8, 4.0, 5.6, 8.5, and 16.9 N·m)
• travel adjustment located in top wiring compartment, allowing easy screwdriver adjustments
• M100X combines with multiple options to reduce service inventory
• M100 models available to match any control signal protocol including digital for application versatility
• R81 Plug-in Electronic Interface Boards provide faster replacement or conversions and shorter service times
• continuously lubricated gear train assure the longest life cycle cost/benefit in the industry

The M130 Series is used to position dampers, valves,
and related equipmnet in a variety of HVAC
and industrial applications. The actuator
moves in response to input signals from a
variety of electronic controllers, depending on
the model selected.

M130 actuators can be field coupled or factory
coupled to Johnson Controls VG and VB
Series Valves. 1/2 inch VT Series Valves also
require a adapter kit. Specify
factory coupling by listing the appropriate Q99
designations on the order. Kits are also
available for replacement or conversion of
competitive valves.
The M130 Series comes equipped with
spring return to normal position for switched
off conditions or on system power failure. The
spring return is a heavy duty spring
mechanism that returns the actuator shaft to
its zero mechanical position against its rated
torque. A brake mechanism will keep the
return spring from driving the motor actuator
towards its return position during normal
reversible operations.

Used In Equipment Model Numbers:

Replaces Part Numbers:60508, M130HGA-1, M130GGA-1, M130GGA1, M130GGA-1, M130GGA-3, CARM130GGA3