24 Volt Electric / Pneumatic Relay, Panel Mount

24 Volt  Electric / Pneumatic Relay, Panel Mount
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Honeywell RP418B1002 and RP818 Electric/Pneumatic Relay:

Electrically operated pneumatic switches used to interlock an electrical system and a pneumatic control system.
Replacement devices are available for Johnson, Powers, Robertshaw, Barber-Colman, and older Honeywell devices.

Product Specifications:

Type Electric / Pneumatic Relay
Operation De-energized: ports 2 and 3 connected, port 1 blocked, Energized: ports 1 and 3 connected, port 2 blocked
Airflow Usage 0.42 scfm (200 mL/s) at 20 psi (138 kPa) supply with 1 psi (7 kPa) pressure drop
Capacity (Cv) 0.075 Cv minimum
Air connections Barb fittings for 1/4 in. (6 mm) plastic tubing
Dimensions (in) 2 7/8 in. high, 1 3/4 in. wide, 1 1/4 in. deep
Dimensions (mm) 73 mm high, 44 mm wide, 32 mm deep Electrical Connections 15 in. (380 mm) leads
Voltage 24 Vac
Frequency (Hz) 60 Hz
Maximum Operating Pressure (kPa) 340 kPa
Maximum Operating Pressure (psi) 50 psi
Mounting Type panel
Temperature range (C) -18 to 38 C Temperature range (F) 0 to 100 F
Description Electric / Pneumatic Relay, Panel Mount
Approvals, Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Component Recognized File: MP1502, Vol. 11, Sec. 1, Listed: Guide Y10Z
Approvals, Canadian Underwriters Laboratories Listed: File No. LR50900