3.5 Ton to 5 Ton R-22 Refrigerant Expansion Valve (Lennox)

3.5 Ton to 5 Ton R-22 Refrigerant Expansion Valve (Lennox)
Code: EXP5VX100
Price: $178.73
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3.5-5 Ton R-22 Refrigerant OEM Factory Direct Replacement Expansion Valve (Lennox)

For R-22 Air Conditioners Only Non-Bleed Port - For 3.5 - 5 ton HS26, HS27, HS29, 13ACC & 10ACC units matched with C33, CR26, CH23, and CH33 --- CR33 SERIES CASED- DOWN-FLOW, Requires Field Installed Chatleff Style Expansion Valve or RFCIV Device

Replaces Expansion Valve Part Numbers:

LB-85663K 26K35 Y1154-BBIVE-6-GA5 Y1154BBIVE6GA5 HE5VX100A 26K3501 CAR26K35 CARHCE5VX100A

Used In Equipment Model Numbers:

12ACB60-P CR33-50/60C-F CR33-50/60C-F CR33-60D-F CR33-50/60C-F CR33-60D-F CR33-50/60C-F CR33-50/60C-F CH33-48C-2F CH33-50/60-2F CH33-60D-2F CH33-48C-2F CH33-50/60C-2F CH33-60D-2F CH33-62D-2F CH33-50/60C-2F CH23-68