4 Ton to 5 Ton Air Conditioning Evaporator Coil R-22 Expansion Valve (Lennox and Other Brands)

4 Ton to 5 Ton Air Conditioning Evaporator Coil R-22 Expansion Valve  (Lennox and Other Brands)
Code: EXP28C14
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4 Ton to 5 Ton Air Conditioning R-22 Expansion Valve

Accurate, Maintained Over a Wide Variation in Evaporator Load, Thereby Minimizing Hunting Flood-back and Coil Starving Problems

Refrigerant R-22, R-407C
Thermostatic Expansion Valve
Connection Type Sweat
Equalizer Type External
Connector Inlet 3/8 Inches
Connector Outlet 5/8 Inches
Liquid Subcooling Temperature (F)10
Superheat Externally Adjustable
Nominal Cooling Capacity Range 4 - 5 Tons

Replaces Expansion Valve Part Numbers:

28C1401 BIVE5GA B1VE5GA CAR28C14.

Used in Lennox Equipment Models:

AHH120-1 AHH240-1 AHV240-1 C17-135-1 C17-95-1 CB17-135-1 CB17-275-1 CBH17-255-1 CH16-65-1 CHA11-1853-1 CHA11-1853-2 CHA11-1853-5 CHA11-1853-6 CHP16-1353-1 CHP16-1353-3 CHP16-1353-4 CHP16-1353-5 CP12-65-1 CP16-65-1 CP18-65-1 CPR12-65-1 CPR18-65-1 HP17-953V-1 HP17-953V-2 HP17-953V-3 HP17-953V-4 HP17-953V-5 HP17-953V-6 HP17-953V-7 CHP11-1353-1 CHP11-1353-3 CHP11-1353-5 CHP11-1853-1 GHP16-1353-1 GHP16-1353-2 AAH120 AHV120 AHH1201 AHH2401 AHV2401 C171351 C17951 CB171351 CB172751 CBH172551 CH16651 CHA1118531 CHA1118532 CHA1118535 CHA1118536 CHP1613531 CHP1613533 CHP1613534 CHP1613535 CP12651 CP16651 CP18651 CPR12651 CPR18651 HP17953V1 HP17953V2 HP17953V3 HP17953V4 HP17953V5 HP17953V6 HP17953V7 CHP1113531 CHP1113533 CHP1113535 CHP1118531 GHP1613531 GHP1613532 CH16-65-1P.

A thermostatic expansion valve (TXV) is precision device used to meter the flow of liquid refrigerant entering the evaporator at a rate that matches the amount of refrigerant being boiled off in the evaporator, This is it's main purpose but like all the other metering devices it also provides a pressure drop in the system, separating the high pressure side of the system from the low pressure side. Thus allowing low-pressure refrigerant to absorb heat onto it's self.