Infinite Switch 240 Volts (Robertshaw)

Infinite Switch 240 Volts (Robertshaw)
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Product Description

Robertshaw Infinite Switch 240 Volts

How does the Infinite Switch Work?

The Infinite switch uses what is called a Bi-metal switch to control the switch action. The Bi-metal switch physically moves through the process of heating and cooling. This movement causes the main switch contacts to open and close, thereby, controlling the power applied to the heating elements. Rotating of the infinite switch changes the relationship of the "on" and "off" times or duty cycle. As the switch is rotated to a higher heat setting the main contacts remain closed for a longer period of time. Conversely, rotating the switch to a lower heat setting causes the main contacts to remain closed for a shorter period of time.

Replaces Switch Part Numbers:

0331DM-240VAC 0331DM240VAC 30562 IMF-240-277 INF-240-277 IMF240277 INF240277 9343CMW 5500-202 INF-240-577 INF-240-337 INF240-1022 INF-120-463 CAR5500202.

Control Knob not Included
Used in Equipment Models: Delfield Steam Tables.

Used in Food Warmer Models: