120/277V Occupancy Sensor Lighting Switch

120/277V Occupancy Sensor Lighting Switch
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Manufacturer: Johnson Controls

Description: 120/277V OCCUPANCY SENSOR
Category: Electrical Controls
Sub Category: Sensors

OLS-2000/OLS-2100 Occupancy Lighting Switch

The OLS-2000/OLS-2100 Occupancy Lighting Switch is a passive infrared sensor
that turns lights on when occupancy is detected and off when the area is empty.

Three adjustments are available: light level, time delay, and sensitivity level-- allowing for changes that best match the room’s use and the occupant’s needs. Lighting is a large part of a typical commercial building’s energy consumption, accounting for 40% of the electricity used. Whether used as a standalone lighting control or as part of an existing lighting system, the OLS-2000/OLS-2100 helps reduce energy costs.

Features and Benefits
Standard, Single-toggle Switch Size
Allows quick and easy replacement of existing wall switches, reducing installation time
Infrared Occupancy Sensor Controls lighting usage based on occupancy

Two Models Available:
120/277 or 347 VAC (60 Hz Only)

Provides compatibility with supply voltages in most commercial buildings
Low-profile Design Complements any building or office decor

180° Field of View: Coverage to 900 sq ft (81 sq m)
Covers most typical offices, conference rooms, and storage areas

Adjustment Cover with Anti-tampering Feature Prevents unauthorized changes to selected settings

Application Information
The OLS-2000/OLS-2100 Occupancy Lighting Switch is a passive infrared sensor that turns lights on when occupant movement is detected within its field of view. The OLS-2000/OLS-2100 replaces standard single-pole light switches that control incandescent or fluorescent fixtures with either magnetic or electronic ballasts. The switch is an indoor lighting control and should not be used outdoors or as a security device.

Choosing a Mounting Location
Install the OLS-2000/OLS-2100 3.5 to 4.5 feet (1.1 to 1.4 m) above the floor, with an unobstructed view of the work or traffic area to be monitored. The OLS-2000/OLS-2100 has a 180 degree field of view [900 sq ft (81 sq m)].

1. Check that the combined load connected to the OLS-2000/OLS-2100 is within acceptable load range

Note: All wiring connections must be made in accordance with the National Electric Code and all local regulations. Short-circuited or improperly connected wires will result in permanent damage to the unit.

2. Remove the existing wallplate and switch.

3. Press the OLS-2000/OLS-2100’s OFF/AUTO button to the OFF position. (Button out.)

4. Wire the OLS-2000/OLS-2100

Note: Use the termination on the green wire and the mounting screw (provided) for grounding to a continuous grounding system.

5. Install the OLS-2000/OLS-2100 in the utility box using the two flat-head screws provided. The OLS-2000/OLS-2100 fits into a standard, 2 in. x 4 in. (51 mm x 102 mm) utility box with a minimum depth of 1-7/8 in. (48 mm).

6. Apply power.

7. Press the OFF/AUTO switch to AUTO (button in) and the lights will turn on within ten seconds (OLS-2000) or within 60 seconds when motion is detected (OLS-2100).

Replaces Part Numbers: OLS-2100-1, CAROLS-2100-1