12" Blower Wheel Rotation C.W. (Shaft Bore 5/8") (ICP Equipment)

Code: WHL621213
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12" Blower Wheel Rotation C.W. (Shaft Bore 5/8") (ICP Equipment)

Replaces Blower Wheel Part Numbers:


Used in Air Conditioning and Heating Brands: Airquest, Arcoair, Clare, Comfortmaker, Heil, Kenmore, Tempstar, Snyder General, Intercity Products, Whirlpool and many other brands.

Used in ICP Equipment Models:

867.587360 867.587380 867.587390 867.761040 867.761043 867.761044 867.762040 867.766160 867.766161 867.766162 867.766761 867.768400 867.778400 FXL47175ER2 GU150AG7CR HUGA150BK01 HUGB150BK01 HUGB175BK01 HUGC150CK01 HUGC175CK01 HUGD150CK01 HUGD175CK01 LLO5125BKA1 LLO5125BKB1 LLO5145BKA1 NAHA003BK NDGB175AK01 NDGB175CK02 NDGC175BK01 NDGC175CK01 NDGD175BK01 NDGF175AK01 NDGG125AK01 NDGG125DK01 NDGG125DK02 NDGG125DK03 NHGA120BK01 NHGA120LK01 NHGA120LK02 NHGA120LK03 NHGA120MK01 NHGA120MK02 NHGA140BK01 NHGB120AK01 NHGB140BK01 NHGC120AK01 NHGC120LK01 NHGC120LK02 NHGC120LK03 NHGC140AK01 NHGD120CK01 NHGD140AK01 NLAU125AK01 NLGB175LK01 NLGB175LK02 NLGB175LK03 NLGD175BK01 NMEA070AK01 NMEA070DK01 NMEA097AK01 NMEA097AK02 NMEA097DK01 NMEA097EK01 NMEA116AK01 NMEA116AK02 NMEA116BK01 NMEA116DK01 NNAU125AK01 NOEU105BH01 NUGA125AK01 NUGA125AK02 NUGB150EK01 NUGB150EK02 NUGB150EK03 NUGB150EK04 NUGB175LK01 NUGB175LK02 NUGB175LK03 NUGB175LK04 NUGC125AK01 NUGC125AK02 NUGC150EK01 NUGC150EK02 NUGD150EK01 NUGD175LK01 NUGD175LK02 NUGE125AK01 NUGF125AK01 NUGF130AK01 NUGG125AK01 NUGG125DK01 NUGG125DK02 NUGG125DK03 NUGI100CK01 NUGI100KK01 NUGI100KK02 NUGI125AK01 NUGI125DK01 NUGI125DK02 NUGI125DK03 NUGK105AH01 NUGK105AH02 NUGK105CH02 NULD175CK01 NULD175LK01 NULE125AK01 NULE125AK02 NULK105AH01 NULK105AH02 NULK125AH01 NUOC125BK01 NUOD105BHA1 NUOD105FH01 NUOD105FH02 NUOD112DH01 NUOD112EH01 OLL125B20A1 OLL125B20B1 OLL145B20A1 OUN105B16A1 WUGC150CK01 WUGC175CK01 WUGD150CK01 WUGD175CK01