9" x 6" Heating and Cooling Blower Wheel. (Amana Goodman)

Code: WHL1368042
Price: $96.76
Quantity in Basket: None
9" x 6" Heating and Cooling Blower Wheel. (Amana Goodman)

Replaces Blower Wheel Part Numbers:

B1368042 B13680-42 CARB1368042.

Used in Amana Goodman Models:

GUP040-2 GUP0402 GUP050-2A GUP0502A AR24-1, GUPS050-2, PGB024050-1, PGB024075-1, PGB030050-1A, PGB030075-1A. A24-00 AIR HANDLER 2 A24-00-2 A24-00-2R A24-00-2RA A24-05 A24-05C A24-06 A24-08 A24-08C A24-10 A24-10C A24-12 A30-00 A30-05 A30-08 A30-08C A30-10 A30-10C A30-12 A30-15 A32-00 A32-03 A32-05 A32-05C A32-08 A32-08C A32-10 A32-15 AH1826-1 AH1826-1FP AR24-1 AR24-1D AR30-1 AR30-1D AR32-1 AR32-1D ARPF024-00B-1 ARPF024-00B-1A ARPF036-00B-1 ARPF036-00B-1A ARPT024-00A-1 ARPT024-00C-1 ARPT024-00C-1A ARPT032-00A-1 ARPT032-00C-1 ARPT032-00C-1A ARPT032-00C-1B ARUF024-00A-1 ARUF024-00A-1A ARUF030-00A-1 ARUF030-00A-1A ARUF032-00A-1 ARUF032-00A-1A ARUF032-00A-1B AW18-00 AW18-00PLN AW18-03 AW18-03C AW18-05 AW18-05C AW18-05PLN AW18-06 AW18-06C AW18-06PLN AW18-08 AW18-08C AW18-10 AW24-00 AW24-00PLN AW24-03 AW24-03C AW24-05 AW24-05C AW24-05PLN AW24-06 AW24-08 AW24-08C AW24-08PLN AW24-10 AW24-10C AW30-00 AW30-00PLN AW30-03 AW30-05 AW30-05C AW30-06 AW30-06PLN AW30-08 AW30-08C AW30-10 AW30-10C AW30-10PLN AWB18-00C AWB18-03C AWB18-05C AWB18-05D AWB18-08C AWB18-08D MBR0800AA-1 PCK024-1 PCK024-1A PCK024-1C PCK024-1F PCK030-1 PCK030-1A PCK030-1C PCK030-1F PCK036-1 PCK036-1A PCK036-1C PCK036-1F PCK036-3 PCK036-3A PCK036-3B PCK036-3C PCK036-3F PCKJ024-1 PCKJ024-1A PCKJ024-1B PCKJ024-1E PCKJ024-1F PCKJ030-1 PCKJ030-1A PCKJ030-1E PCKJ030-1F PGB024050-1 PGB024050-1A PGB024075-1 PGB024075-1A PGB030050-1 PGB030050-1A PGB030050-1B PGB030075-1 PGB030075-1A PGB030075-1B PG030100-1AB PG030100-1 PHB024-1 PHB030-1 PHK024-1 PHK024-1A PHK024-1B PHK024-1F PHK030-1 PHK030-1A PHK030-1B PHK030-1F PHK030-M1 PHK030-M1A PHK030-M1B PHK030-M1F PHKJ024-1 PHKJ024-1A PHKJ024-1B PHKJ024-1C PHKJ024-1F PHKJ030-1 PHKJ030-1A PHKJ030-1C PHKJ030-1F XFDA085-C2F AR24-1 AR24-1* AR30-1 AR30-1* AR32-1 AR32-1* ARPF024-00B-1 ARPF024-00B-1* ARPF024-00B-1A ARPF024-00B-1A ARPF036-00B-1 ARPF036-00B-1* ARPF036-00B-1A ARPF036-00B-1A ARPF193116 ARPF193116AA ARPT024-00A-1 ARPT024-00A-1 ARPT024-00C-1 ARPT024-00C-1 ARPT032-00A-1 ARPT032-00A-1 ARPT032-00C-1 ARPT032-00C-1 ARUF024-00A-1 ARUF024-00A-1* ARUF030-00A-1 ARUF030-00A-1* ARUF032-00A-1 ARUF032-00A-1* ARUF193116 ARUF193116AA AWUF18051AA AWUF18051AA AWUF18081AA AWUF18081AA GPC1324H21 GPC1324H21AA GPC1324H21AB GPH1324H21A GPH1324H21A GPH1324H21AB GPH1324H21AB GUPS050-2 GUPS050-2 MBR0800AA-1 MBR0800AA-1 PC024-1 PC024-1 PCK024-1 PCK024-1 PCK024-1A PCK024-1A PCK024-1C PCK024-1C PCK024-1F PCK024-1F PCK030-1 PCK030-1 PCK030-1A PCK030-1A PCK030-1C PCK030-1C PCK030-1F PCK030-1F PCK036-1 PCK036-1 PCK036-1A PCK036-1A PCK036-1C PCK036-1C PCK036-1F PCK036-1F PCK036-3 PCK036-3 PCK036-3B PCK036-3B PCK036-3C PCK036-3C PCK036-3F PCK036-3F PCKJ024-1A PCKJ024-1A PCKJ024-1A* PCKJ024-1B PCKJ024-1B PCKJ024-1E PCKJ024-1E PCKJ024-1F PCKJ024-1F PCKJ030-1 PCKJ030-1 PCKJ030-1* PCKJ030-1A PCKJ030-1A PCKJ030-1E PCKJ030-1E PCKJ030-1F PCKJ030-1F PGB024050-1 PGB024050-1 PGB024050-1A PGB024050-1A PGB024075-1 PGB024075-1 PGB024075-1A PGB024075-1A PGB030050-1A PGB030050-1A PGB030050-1B PGB030050-1B PGB030075-1A PGB030075-1A PGB030075-1B PGB030075-1B PH024-1 PH024-1 PHK024-1 PHK024-1 PHK024-1A PHK024-1A PHK024-1B PHK024-1B PHK024-1F PHK024-1F PHK030-1 PHK030-1 PHK030-1A PHK030-1A PHK030-1B PHK030-1B PHK030-1F PHK030-1F PHKJ024-1A PHKJ024-1A PHKJ024-1A* PHKJ024-1B PHKJ024-1B PHKJ024-1C PHKJ024-1C PHKJ024-1F PHKJ024-1F PHKJ030-1 PHKJ030-1 PHKJ030-1* PHKJ030-1A PHKJ030-1A PHKJ030-1C PHKJ030-1C PHKJ030-1F PHKJ030-1F