**Obsolete** Cross Lighter Furnace Burner Used in Brands(1-Burner Per Order) (ICP, Heil, Tempstar)

**Obsolete** Cross Lighter Furnace Burner Used in Brands(1-Burner Per Order) (ICP, Heil, Tempstar)
Code: BURN61244
Price: $0.00
Quantity in Basket: None
Replaces Part Numbers: CAR612444.

Used in Air Conditioning and Heating Brands: Airquest, Arcoair, Clare, Comfortmaker, Heil, Kenmore, Tempstar, Snyder General, Intercity Products, Whirlpool and many other brands.

Used in ICP Equipment Models:

867.761010 867.761013 867.761020 867.761021 867.761023 867.761260 867.762020 867.762021 867.762160 867.762161 867.766020 867.766021 867.766022 867.766120 867.766121 867.767020 867.767120 867.767121 867.767270 867.767271 867.768020 867.768140 867.768141 867.768142 867.768240 867.768241 867.768242 867.768360 867.768362 867.769020 867.769170 867.769420 867.769421 867.769422 867.769423 867.769424 867.769425 867.769426 867.769470 867.769471 867.769472 867.769473 867.769474 867.769475 867.778381 867.778631 867.778820 867.779020 867.779420 867.779421 867.779422 867.779423 867.779424 867.779520 867.815025 CDGE075AF01 CDLE075AF01 NDGE075PF01 NDGE075RF01 NDGG075AF01 NDGG075DF01 NDGG075DF02 NDGI075AF01 NDGI075DD01 NDGI075DF01 NDGI075DF02 NDGI075DF03 NDGK075CF01 NDGK075DF01 NDGK075DF02 NDGK075DF03 NDGK075DF04 NDGK075DF06 NDGK075DF07 NDGK075KF03 NDGK075KF04 NDGK075KF06 NDGK075KF07 NDLE075RF01 NDLE075RF02 NDLK075AF02 NDLK075DF01 NDLK075DF02 NDLK075DF03 NDLK075DF05 NDLK075DF06 NDLK075DF07 NLAD075AF01 NLAU075AG01 NLBD075AF01 NLBU075AG01 NLCU075AG01 NLCU075AG02 NNAD075AF01 NNAU075AG01 NNAU075AH01 NNBD075AF01 NNBD075BF01 NNBU075AG01 NNBU075AG02 NNBU075BG01 NNBU075BG02 NNCU075AG01 NNCU075AG02 NRGF24DBB01 NRGF24DBB02 NRGF24DCB01 NRGF24DCB02 NRGF24DDB01 NRGF24DDB02 NRGF24DDB03 NRGF24DDB04 NRGF24DKB01 NRGF24DKB02 NRGF24DKB04 NRGF30DBB01 NRGF30DBB02 NRGF30DCB01 NRGF30DCB02 NRGF30DDB01 NRGF30DDB02 NRGF30DDB03 NRGF30DDB04 NRGF30DKB01 NRGF30DKB02 NRGF30DKB04 NRGF36DBB01 NRGF36DBB02 NRGF36DBH01 NRGF36DBH02 NRGF36DCB01 NRGF36DCB02 NRGF36DCH01 NRGF36DDB01 NRGF36DDB02 NRGF36DDB03 NRGF36DDB04 NRGF36DDH01 NRGF36DDH03 NRGF36DKB01 NRGF36DKB02 NRGF36DKB03 NRGF36DKB04 NRGF36DKH01 NRGF36DKH03 NRGF42DBB01 NRGF42DBB02 NRGF42DCB01 NRGF42DCB02 NRGF42DDB02 NRGF42DDB03 NRGF42DDB04 NRGF42DKB01 NRGF42DKB02 NRGF42DKB04 NRGH24DDB01 NRGH24DDK01 NRGH30DDB01 NRGH30DDK01 NRGH36DDB01 NRGH36DDK01 NRGH42EDK01 NUGE075AG01 NUGE075AG02 NUGE075BG01 NUGE075CH01 NUGE075CH02 NUGE075DH01 NUGE080BG02 NUGE080BG03 NUGE080CG01 NUGE080CG02 NUGE080KG01 NUGE080KG02 NUGG075AD01 NUGG075AF01 NUGG075AG01 NUGG075BD01 NUGG075DD01 NUGG075DD04 NUGG075DF01 NUGG075DF02 NUGG075DF03 NUGG075DG01 NUGG075DG03 NUGG075ED01 NUGH075AD01 NUGI060CG01 NUGI060KG01 NUGI060KG02 NUGI075AF01 NUGI075AG01 NUGI075DF01 NUGI075DF02 NUGI075DF03 NUGI075DG01 NUGJ075AF01 NUGJ075AF02 NUGJ075DF01 NUGJ075DF02 NUGK075AG01 NUGK075AG02 NUGK075CG02 NUGK075DG01 NUGK075DG02 NUGK075DG03 NUGK075DG04 NUGK075DG05 NUGK075DG06 NUGK075DG07 NUGK075DG08 NUGK075DG09 NUGK075KG01 NUGK075KG02 NUGK075KG03 NUGK075KG04 NUGK075KG05 NUGK075KG06 NUGK075KG07 NUGK075KG08 NUGK080AG01 NUGK080AG02 NUGK080CG01 NUGK080CG02 NUGS075AG01 NUGS075BG01 NUGS075BG02 NUGS075BG03 NUGS075BG04 NUGV075AH02 NUGV075AH03 NULE075BG01 NULE075BG02 NULE080BG03 NULE080BG04 NULE080DG01 NULE080DG02 NULI075DF01 NULI075DF04 NULK075AG01 NULK075AG02 NULK075DG01 NULK075DG02 NULK075DG03 NULK075DG04 NULK075DG05 NULK075DG06 NULK075DG07 NULK080AG01 NULK080AG02 NULS075AG01 NULS075BG01 NULS075BG02 NULS075BG03 NULS075BG04