2 Burner Replacement Kit (Intercity Products)

2 Burner Replacement Kit (Intercity Products)
Code: BURN109178
Price: $119.79
Quantity in Basket: None
Burner Replacement Kit (Intercity Products)

Replaces Part Numbers:CAR1009178.

Used in Air Conditioning and Heating Brands: Airquest, Arcoair, Clare, Comfortmaker, Heil, Kenmore, Tempstar, Snyder General, Intercity Products, Whirlpool and many other brands.

Used in ICP Equipment Models:

NUGG050DD1 FBF050B12A1 FBF050B12A2 FBF050B12A3 GDE050B12A1 GDI050A012CIN GDJ050M12A1 GDJ050M12B1 GDJ050M12C1 GDJ050M12C2 GNI045A012DIN GNJ050A012IN GNJ050M12A1 GNJ050M12B1 GNJ050M12C1 GNJ050M12C2 GNJ050M12C3 GNJ050N12A1 GNJ050N12C1 GNJ050N12D1 GNJ050N12D2 GPCM18K040A GPCM18K040D GPCM18K040E GPCM18K040F GPCM24K040A GPCM24K040D GPCM24K040E GPCM24K040F GPFM18K040A GPFM18K040D GPFM18K040E GPFM18K040F GPFM24K040A GPFM24K040D GPFM24K040E GPFM24K040F GUJ050N12A1 GUJ050N12B1 GUJ050N12C1 GUJ050N12C2 NBF050B12A1 NCC5050BFB1 NCC5050BFB2 NDN5050BFA1 NDN5050BFB1 NDN5050BFC1 NDN5050BFC2 NDN6050FBA1 NNAC050BFB1 NNAT050BEA1 NNAT050BEA2 NNAT050BFB1 NNAT050BHA1 NNAT050BHB1 NNAU050BCB1 NNAU050BFB1 NNAU050BHB1 NTC5050BFB2 NTC5050BFC1 NTC5050BFD1 NTC5050BFE1 NTC5050BFE2 NTC5050BHB2 NTG3050FBA1 NTG3050FBA2 NTG3050FBA3 NTN3050FBA1 NTN5050BFA1 NTN5050BFB1 NTN5050BFC1 NTN5050BFC2 NTN5050BFC3 NUG3050AFA1 NUG3050AFB1 NUG3050AFC1 NUG3050AFC2 NUG5050BCB2 NUG5050BFB2 NUG5050BHB2 NUH5050BCB1 NUH5050BCB2 NUH5050BFB1 NUH5050BFB2 PDX324040K00A1 PDX324040K01A1 PGAA18B1K3 PGAA18B1K4 PGAA18B1K5 PGAA18B1K6 PGAA18B1K7 PGAA18B1K8 PGAA18B1KE PGAA24B1K3 PGAA24B1K4 PGAA24B1K6 PGAA24B1K7 PGAA24B1K8 PGAA24B1KE PGAD24B1K3 PGAD24B1K4 PGAD24B1K5 PGAD24B1K6 PGAD24B1K7 PGAD24B1K8 PGAD24B1KE PGC018K040A PGC018K040D PGC018K040E PGC018K040F PGC024K040A PGC024K040D PGC024K040E PGC024K040F PGCA18B1KE PGCA24B1KE PGCD24B1KE PGF018K040A PGF018K040D PGF018K040E PGF018K040F PGF024K040A PGF024K040D PGF024K040E PGF024K040F PGF324040K00A1 PGF324040K01A1 PGMD18G0404 PGMD18G0405 PGMD18G0406 PGMD18G0407 PGMD18G0408 PGMD18G040E PGMD24G0404 PGMD24G0406 PGMD24G0407 PGMD24G0408 PGMD24G040E PGME24G040 PGME24G0402 PGME24G0404 PGME24G0405 PGME24G0406 PGME24G0407 PGME24G0408 PGME24G040E PGX324040K00A1 PGX324040K01A1 PGX330040K00A1 PGX330040K01A1