3-1/4" O.D. Single Groove Variable Pitch Sheave Cast Iron Pulley With 1/2" Bore

Code: PULS32560
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3-1/4" O.D. Single Groove Variable Pitch Sheave Cast Iron Pulley With 1/2" Bore

Single Groove Variable Pitch Sheave, OD 3 1/4 Inches, 4L or A Belt Pitch Diameter 2.1-3.1 Inches, 5L or B Belt Pitch Diameter 2.4-3.2 Inches, 1/2 Inch Bore Size, Cast Iron, For Speed Adjustment

Product Specifications:
Type 1/2 Inch, Variable Pitch Sheave
Outside Dia. (In.) 3 1/4
4L or A Belt Pitch Dia. (In.) 2.1-3.1
5L or B Belt Pitch Dia. (In.) 2.4-3.2
Material of Construction Durable Die-cast
Keyway No

Replaces Part Numbers:
VP325 X 1/2 VP325X1/2 VP325-60 VP32560 638205 64747 M34V-8 SHE0143 SHE00143 CARL36795 CARM34V8 CAR1X447

Used In ICP Equipment Model Numbers:
NLOC150BH01 NLOC200AH01 COLB125A016 COLB150A016 COLB200A016 OH125114B OH150114B OH200114B OHB125A014 OHB150A014 OHB200A014 OLB125A016 OLB150A016 OLB200A016 LHO5168BJA1 LHO5168RJA1 OHL168B18A1 NLOC150BH01 NLOC200AH01 HEMI50D HEMI70D HEMI90D CEF10B CEF15B CEF20B CEF25B CEF30B DFG100 DFG120 DFG60 DFG80 HBG100 HBG138 HBG50 HEDF100 HEDF60 HEDF80 HEG100A HEG110A HEG120A HEG50 HEG50A HEG60 HEG60A HEG70 HEG70A HEG80 HEG80A HEG90A HEHB100 HEHB120 HEHB40 HEHB60 HEHB80 HEHF100 HEHF100B HEHF50 HEHF50B HEHF80 HEHF80B HEMB100 HEMB100B HEMB110 HEMB110B HEMB120 HEMB120B HEMB130 HEMB130B HEMB40 HEMB40B HEMB50 HEMB50B HEMB60 HEMB60B HEMB70 HEMB70B HEMB80 HEMB80B HEMB90 HEMB90B HEMI100 HEMI110 HEMI120 HEMI40 HEMI50 HEMI60 HEMI70 HEMI80 HEMI90 LBG102 LBG125 LBG80 MBG108 MBG120 MBG160 MBG200 MBG60 MBG80 MEG120 MEG60 MEG90 ODF100 OHB100F OLB115R OLB127F OLB80R OLB90F NHOC125AK01 NHOC125AK02 NHOC125AK03 OL125116B OL150116B OL200116B