1-1/2" thick x 4 feet x 10 feet Foil Duct Wrap (Cut-to-Fit)

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1-1/2" thick x 4 feet x 10 feet formaldehyde-free Duct Wrap Insulation Foil Backing

MicroliteTM XG® fiberglass equipment insulation from Lit Indutries is designed for use in applications that require high thermal and acoustic efficiency in small spaces like around HVAC equipment, pipe-wrap kits and appliances.
The insulation is composed of incombustible and non-hygroscopic borosilicate glass fibers.
Microlite XG offers high tensile strength, and high impact resistance, and will not support vermin or fungi.

Microlite® XG™ formaldehyde-free fiber glass duct wrap offers contractors a better handling product manufactured in a more environmentally responsible way.
Using an acrylic-based binder with no formaldehyde results in a white duct wrap insulation that is easier to install for two reasons: first, it is more flexible and drapes more easily, making installation faster and more efficient.
Second, the acrylic binder may reduce itching and irritation associated with conventional fiber glass duct wrap.

Got an itch for better insulation? Contractors are finding Microlite® XG Formaldehyde-Free Duct Wrap Insulation from Johns Manville easier and much more pleasant to install.
A new pliable acrylic binder replaces the traditional phenol-formaldehyde that your skin loves to hate.
Grateful installers say the new wrap reduces the itching and irritation associated with conventional fiber glass insulation. Microlite® XG white duct wrap insulation is also more flexible and drapes easily for faster, more efficient installation.
There is no sacrifice of safety performance either - this insulation recently passed the stringent Can/ULC S102 Flame and Smoke test.

Steels now produces a 1" thick formaldehyde-free Johns Manville Duct Wrap insulation at our Calgary manufacturing plant.

Replaces Part Numbers: DUWR4074M