Heat Pump OEM Direct Manufacture Replacement Reversing Valve Kit With 24 Volt & 240 Volt Coils (ICP)

Heat Pump OEM Direct Manufacture Replacement Reversing Valve Kit With 24 Volt & 240 Volt Coils (ICP)
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Reversing Valve Solenoid Operated R22, R502 Refrigerant

Designed for unitary split systems and heat pump package units.
Instantaneous reversing.
Brass body construction with copper tubes
Operates on pressure differential high and low sides of refrigerant systems.
,br> The way the reversing valve works is the solenoid valve opens pressure ports to operate a nylon slider in the cylinder. This sleeve can jam or bind half way (called "wind milling") and will over heat the compressor in a few minutes.
Once this happens there is little chance that the valve will work again. If the valve is over heated when being installed it will be worthless.
If the system is very contaminated after a Burn Out it may stop the valve form working but there is the possibility of getting it to work again after several cycles.
It is possible for the valve to stick in the cooling mode but it is more likely to stick in the heat mode.

Replaces Reversing Valve Part Numbers:

1052233 401RDF46 P535-40RD4F46 VAL02350 VAL2350 VAL01619 VAL1619 3030-3781 3042-3751 3030-3751 41063-2 RV4F46 522392 709075 709079 CAR710479 CAR1172617/1173454.

Kit Contains:

Reversing Valve & 24 Volt Coil CAR1172617
230 Volt Coil CAR1173454
NOTE: This New Valve Replaces Older Obsolete Valve. New Valve Kit Comes With A 24 Volt Coil, As Well As A 240 Volt Coil To Be Determined By Voltage Required On Unit.

Used in Air Conditioning and Heating Brands: Airquest, Arcoair, Clare, Comfortmaker, Heil, Kenmore, Tempstar, Snyder General, Intercity Products, Whirlpool.

Used in ICP Equipment Models:

867.814467 867.812240 867.812430 867.814463 867.814464 867.814465 867.814471 867.814472 867.814473 867.814610 867.814611 867.814612 867.814620 867.814622 867.814623 867.820841 867.820850 867.821940 CH3030QKA1 CH3030QKA2 CH3030QKB1 CH3030QKB2 CH3030VKA1 CH3030VKA2 CH3030VKB1 CH3030VKB2 CH3036QKA1 CH3036QKA2 CH3036QKB1 CH3036QKB2 CH3036VHA2 CH3036VHA3 CH3036VKA1 CH3036VKA2 CH3036VKB1 CH3036VKB2 CH4030VKA1 CH4036VKA1 CH5030QKA1 CH5030QKA2 CH5030QKB1 CH5030QKB2 CH5030QKB3 CH5030VKA1 CH5030VKA2 CH5030VKB1 CH5030VKB2 CH5030VKB3 CH5036QKB1 CH5036QKB2 CH5036QKB3 CH5036VKB1 CH5036VKB2 CH5036VKB3 CH5536QKA1 CH5536QKA2 CH5536VKA1 CH5536VKA2 CH7530QKA1 CH7530QKA2 CH7530VKA1 CH7530VKA2 CH7530VKA3 CH7536QKA2 CH7536QKA3 CH7536VKA1 CH7536VKA2 CH7536VKA3 CH7536VKA4 CH7536VKA5 CH7536VKA6 CH7536VKA7 CH9530VKA1 CH9536VKA1 H2P030A3Y1 H2P036A3Y1 H4S530A3V1 H4S536A4V1 H6P030A3Y1 H6P042A3Y1 H6S530A3V H6S536A3V H8S530A3V1 H8S536A3V1 NCHA035AK03 NCHAA35AK01 NCHBA29AK02 NCHBA29VK01 NCHBA35AK02 NCHBA35VK01 NPHC030AK01 NPHC036AK01 NPHC036AKF1 NPHCA30AK01 NPHCA36AK01 NPHCA36AK02 NPHCB29AK01 NPHCB29AK02 NPHCB29AK03 NPHCB29AK04 NPHCB29AK05 NPHCB30AK01 NPHCB36AK01 NPHCB36AK02 NPHCB36AK03 NPHCB36AK04 NPHCB36AK05 PH5030AKA1 PH5030AKB1 PH5030AKB2 PH5030AKB3 PH5036AKA1 PH5036AKB1 PH5036AKB2 PH5036AKB3 YG030G YG036G YK030G YK030G2 YK036G YK036G2