1/2 H.P. 3-Speed 230 Volt 1075 to 1100 RPM Indoor Blower Motor with Motor Bracket Mounted to Motor 3

1/2 H.P. 3-Speed 230 Volt 1075 to 1100 RPM Indoor Blower Motor with Motor Bracket Mounted to Motor 3
Code: MOTB1735A
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3 Leg Blower Motor 208/230 Volt

1/2 H.P. 3-Speed 230 Volt 1075 RPM Indoor Blower Motor with Motor Bracket Mounted to Motor 3-Arms.

Item Blower Motor
Type Direct-Drive
Motor Type Permanent Split Capacitor Motor
Enclosure Open Air-Over
Motor HP 1/2
Number of Speeds 3
RPM Wheel Off: 1100
RPM Wheel On: 1075 Voltage 208-230
Full Load Amps 3.4
NEMA/IEC Frame 48Y
Body Dia. (In.) 5 5/8
Service Factor 1.0
Hz 60
Mounting Torsion Flex Bracket
Bearings Sleeve
Thermal Protection Auto
Shaft Dia. (In.) 1/2
Shaft Length (In.) 6
Rotation CW/CCW
Capacitor Required: Yes
Ambient (C) 50
Insulation Class B
Bracket Type Torsion Flex Bracket
Duty Continuous Air-over
Application Exceptionally Quiet Operation on Shaft-mounted Blowers with 9 or 10 Inches Diameter Wheels
Lead Type Rev Plug
Phase Single
Length Less Shaft (In.) 4 7/8
In some older model units may need to drill new bracket mounting holes


PLEASE NOTE: All PSC Motors are design to be used with an external capacitor. The Capacitor operates in the Motor Circuit continuously. It is commonly referred to as a run capacitor. The Run Capacitor is designed to keep a constant and even flow of power going to the Motor. The Run Capacitor is sold separately. * Order New Run Capacitor Part Number: CAP10370

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Replaces Blower Motor Part Numbers:

F48SN6L13 HC43ME241B HC43ME242 P251-5216 P2515216 K55HXEFZ-7296 MOT13400353AB B134003-53 5KCP39LGR253 5KCP39KGR696 5KCP39HPFP966 5KCP39GGP993 BT13400-27 BT1340027 BT1340027 D1735 FM1056 K55HFXHG1358 5KCP39NGP735S 13H38 13H3801 1973 18J9501 18J95 18K7501 18K75 41K0101 41K01 78F91 78F9101 MOT13400 MOTD1735 CARS89596 CAR4M454 CAR4MB56.