Vertical & Horizontal Mount Transformer Multi-Voltage 120/208/240 Volts

Vertical & Horizontal Mount Transformer Multi-Voltage 120/208/240 Volts
Code: TRA84Z401
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White Rodgers, Janitrol and Goodman Products use this Transformer.

Product Description:

Transformer Volt Amps:40 VA.
Multi-Volts:120/208/240 60Hz.
Secondary Power:24 Volts.
Used On Goodman Furnace Models:A24-10.
Skeleton with Horizontal and Vertical Channel Frames for Multi-Mount.

Replaces Transformer Part Numbers:

620405 T40120F G22336 90558 904031F 90505 T403F S81255 S81257 S81372 S81539 S81540 S84Z90 S81542 S81543 S81546 S81579 S81581 S82A101 S82A401 S82A402 S82A403 S82D401 S82D402 S82D403 S82G101 S82G401 S82G402 S82G403 S82G6 S83A101 S83A401 S83A402 S83A403 S83A408 S83D401 S83D402 S83D403 S83G101 S83G401 S83G402 S83G403 S84A101 S84A103 S84A401 S84A402 S84A403 S84A420 S84D103 S84D120 S84D2 S84D401 S84D402 S84D403 S84D419 S84D420 S84D64 S84G101 S84G103 S84G401 S84G402 S84G403 TRR993 620-405 T40-120F G22-336 90-558 90-4031F 90-505 T40-3F S81-255 S81-257 S81-372 S81-539 S81-540 S84Z-90 S81-542 S81-543 S81-546 S81-579 S81-581 S82A-101 S82A-401 S82A-402 S82A-403 S82D-401 S82D-402 S82D-403 S82G-101 S82G-401 S82G-402 S82G-403 S82G-6 S83A-101 S83A-401 S83A-402 S83A-403 S83A-408 S83D-401 S83D-402 S83D-403 S83G-101 S83G-401 S83G-402 S83G-403 S84A-101 S84A-103 S84A-401 S84A-402 S84A-403 S84A-420 S84D-103 S84D-120 S84D-2 S84D-401 S84D-402 S84D-403 S84D-419 S84D-420 S84D-64 S84G-101 S84G-103 S84G-401 S84G-402 S84G-403 TRR-993 S84Z-401 50352 50353 GT444 BTR405 AT40A1121 BTR482 Y65T31 GT446 UET105 50354 AT140B1214 AT40A1139 15400352 1147827 CAR3A357 CAR69WU91 CARG22337 CARS84Z401