Well Immersion Control,Temperature Setting Range 100-240 Degrees (Honeywell)

Well Immersion Control,Temperature Setting Range 100-240 Degrees (Honeywell)
Code: RMBT6A1145
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Honeywell Circulator Control, High Limit or Low Limit Aquastat Controller with 100 F to 240 F operating temperature and 5 F to 30 F adj. Differential

Product Specifications:

Application Circulator Control and High Limit or Low Limit.
Insulation Depth (in.) 3 in.
Insulation Depth (mm) 76 mm.
Bulb Size (in.) 3/8 in. x 2 7/8 in. copper.
Bulb Size (mm) 10 mm x 73 mm copper.
Switching Action SPDT.
Operating Temperature Range (F) 100 F to 240 F.
Operating Temperature Range (C) 38 C to 116 C.
Electric Ratings (full load) 8.0 A @ 120 Vac;5.1 A @ 240 Vac.
Electrical Ratings (locked rotor) 48.0 A @ 120 Vac;30.6 A @ 240 Vac.
Electrical Ratings (millivolt) 0.25 A @ 0.25 to 12 Vdc.
Differential Temperature (F) 5 F to 30 F adj.
Differential Temperature (C) 3 C to 17 C adj.
Maximum Ambient Temperature (F) 150 F.
Maximum Ambient Temperature (C) 66 C.
Case Dimensions (in.) 5 5/8 in. high x 2 in. wide x 2 1/8 in. deep.
Case Dimensions (mm) 143 mm high x 51 mm wide x 54 mm deep.
Mounting Horizontal.
Approvals, Underwriters Laboratories Inc UL Component Recognized: File No. MP466, Vol. 6, Sec.1, Guide No. MBPR2.
Approvals, Canadian Standards Association Certified: File No. LR95329-1.
Includes Stop factory-set at 240F (116 C) and heat-conductive compound.
Replaces Part Numbers:
P331-6201 AP-5798-01 AP-5797-01 AP-5760-00 AP5732-00 817-552 817-1820 525-38221-000 2-3253 2-3250 2-3201 CNT-1788 11D18-2 CNT-1787 C301-10R C301-10 11D18-1 11C05-101 A19ABC-11 11B18-101 11B05-109 11A79-2 1118-35 1118-34 1116-3 11D82-2 1108-4 1101-3 01-0576 P3316201 AP579801 AP579701 AP576000 AP573200 817552 8171820 52538221000 23253 23250 23201 CNT1788 11D182 CNT1787 C30110R C30110 11D181 11C05101 A19ABC11 11B18101 11B05109 11A792 111835 111834 11163 11D822 11084 11013 010576 102C 10201 GH255 11B05 L444A1038 L4006A1678 L4006A1967 440AT02 442AT11 57965D1 L4006A1009 11C18 57965D2 65003 650A10 650A3 650D10 70881 L4007B1014 L4007A1016 L4006A11082 L4006A1066 L6006A1103 HH680601 C307R L170 09535 L4006A1108 L4006A1744 L4006B1023 L4006B1031 L4006B1049 L4006B1056 L4006B1064 L4006B1072 L4006B1080 L4006B1098 L4006B10X0A L4006B1106 L4006B1114 L4006B1122 L4006B1130 L4006B11X0A L4006B12X0A L4006B13X0A L4006B14X0A L4006B15X0A L4006B1X0A L4006B24X0A L4006B25X0A L4006B2X0A L4006B3X0A L4006B5X0A L4006B6X0A L4006B7X0A L4006B9X0A L4006BX80A L4006D10X0A L4006D11X0A L4006D12X0A L4006D13X0A L4006D14X0A L4006D3X0A L4006D4X0A L4006D5X0A L4006D6X0A L4006D7X0A L4006D8X0A L4006D9X0A L4007A1016 L4006DY6X0A L4007A1024 L4007A1032 L4007A1040 L4007A1057 L4007A1065 L4007A1073 L4007A1081 L4007A10X0A L4007A1131 L4007A1164 L4007A1172 L4007A11X0A L4007A12447 L4007A1248 L4007A1255 L4007A12X0A L4007A1347 L4007A13X0A L4007A1461 L4007A1479 L4007A14X0A L4007A15X0A L4007A16X0A L4007A17X0A L4007A18X0A L4007A19X0A L4007A1X0A L4007A20X0A L4007A21X0A L4007A22X0A L4007A23X0A L4007A2X0A L4007A3X0A L4007A5X0A L4007A6X0A L4007A7X0A L4007A8X0A L4007A9X0A L4007B1006 L4007B1014 L4007B1022 L4007B12X0A L4007B13X0A L4007B14X0A L4007B15X0A L4007B16X0A L4007B1X0A L4007B2X0A L4007B3X0A L4007B4X0A L4007B5X0A L4007B6X0A L4007B7X0A L4007B8X0A L4007B9X0A L4010A1003 L4010A1037 L4010A1045 L4010A10X0A L4010A11X0A L4010A12X0A L4010A1X0A L4010A4X0A L4010A7X0A L4010A8X0A L4010AY9X0X L4010B1035 L4010B10X0A L4010B7X0A L4010B8X0A L4080A1057 L4080B1006 L4080B1162 L4080C1020 L4080D1028 L4080D1036 10C055 L444A101X0A L444A1020 L444A102X0A L444A102X0HC L444A1038 L444A103X0A L444A1046 L444A104X0A L444A1053 L444A1061 L444A106X0A L444A1079 L444A107X0A L444A1087 L444A108X0A L444A1111 L444A1129 L444A1137 L444A2 L444B100X0A L444B1011 L444B101X0A L444B2 L444B20X0A L444B21X0A L444B2X0A L444BX3X0A L454A3X0A L6006A1038 L6006A1045 L6006A1046 L6006A1053 L6006A1061 L6006A1079 L6006A1095 81366594 L6006A1178 L6006A11X0A L6006A12X0A L6006A13X0A L6006A170XA L6006A16X0A L6006A1X0A L6006A22X0A L6006A25X0A L6006A26X0A L6006A3X0A L6006A4X0A L6006A6X0A L6006A8X0A L6006B1002 L6006B10X0A L6006B1X0A L6006B2X0A L6006B4X0A L6006B9X0A L6006X1001 L6007A1003 L6006A1045 L6007A1029 L6007A1011 L6007A11X0A L6007A1X0A L6007A2X0A L6007A3X0A L6007A4X0A TC3413 L6006A1145 AS454A18-A0 L444A52X0A L6006A1269 L444A L444B CARH23652 CAR2E348 CA655 CARL6006A1145