7-Day Programmable Complete Temperature and Humidification / Dehumidification Control (Heat Cool Aut

7-Day Programmable Complete Temperature and Humidification / Dehumidification Control (Heat Cool Aut
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New Features

New features on the 9850i series models include a calibration feature to allow homeowners to fine tune the temperature in their environment as well as provide greater overall temperature accuracy.

Energy Savings Benefits

Features that provide energy savings for homeowners include:
Energy Efficient Recovery (EER™) – Provides gradual recovery from setback temperatures to minimize use of auxiliary systems.
Programmable and intermittent fans – The programmable fan allows the user to set the fan and provide continuous circulation. The intermittent fan provides minimum hourly fan circulation.

We’ve combined humidity and temperature control in one easy-to-install, easy-to-program package.

This versatile thermostat provides control over both humidification and dehumidification. Your customers will enjoy the maximum comfort and energy savings, and you will benefit from the time and effort saved by installing a single device that does the work of two.
1 Heat / 1 Cool with Auto Changeover
Integrated Humidity Sensing – Automatically adjusts indoor humidity levels, prevents condensation and maintains desired comfort level.
Auto Changeover – Automatically adjusts between heating and cooling cycles to maintain optimal comfort.
Worry-Free Memory Storage – Even during power outages, the thermostat maintains setpoint and programmed parameters.
Fully Programmable – 7 day, 5/2, 5/1/1 or 24 hour programming menus.
Adjustable Events Per Day – 2, 4 or 6 events per day for greater control of your customer’s comfort.
Three Level Security – Secure protection against unwanted changes to the programming menus, temperature or set-up functions.
Adjustable Temperature Differential – Maintains optimal customer comfort. Programmable Fan – Energy cost savings. Allows user to set and provide continuous circulation for optimal comfort.
Intermittent Fan – For minimum hourly fan circulation rates for optimal
filtration with minimal energy use.
Three Hold Settings – Permanent program override, a temporary 3 hour override or a temporary override adjustable from 1 to 12 hours.

* IMPORTANT!!! - PLEASE NOTE: Option Indoor Thermostat Sensor, Order Part Number: THE9020i.

* IMPORTANT!!! - PLEASE NOTE: Option Outdoors Thermostat Sensor, Order Part Number: THE9025i.

Product Specifications

Stages 1 H / 1 C
Power Hardwire
Program 7
Changeover Auto
Backlight Yes
Remote 1 In / 1 Out
Filter Mon. Yes
Special Features Menu driven, 6 prog. per day, Prog. fan, Humidity control, Dehumid. control
Replaces Obsolete Thermostat Part Numbers:

300-112 300-312 T33-1042 T33-1043 T33-1044 D34000 10P1901 9851i, 81M26, 81M2601, CAR9851i