100% Thermocouple Pilot Safety Cut-Off.(Carrier Johnson Controls, Penn Baso)

100% Thermocouple Pilot Safety Cut-Off.(Carrier Johnson Controls, Penn Baso)
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Carrier, Bryant, Janitrol Day & Night, Payne, Baso Pilot Safety Valve 100% Shut-Off.

BASO® Safety Shutoff Devices are for use on all gas-fired, standing pilot equipment that requires main burner shutoff when the pilot is extinguished. Typical applications include domestic central heating and commercial space heating appliances, as well as industrial processing equipment (for example, die-casting machines and degreasers).

This control monitors the pilot flame through the use of a thermocouple. If the pilot flame is extinguished, the switch will interrupt gas flow to the main burner (and pilot burner in 100% shutoff models), shutting down the appliance.

For use w/ a nominal 30MV thermocouple, Manual Reset.

Replaces Obsolete Pilot Safety Part Numbers:

HH71MB066 EF53FB020 HH71MB065 L62CC C591A1036 A100G543 L62GB-1 HN680006 P671-3910 46BA633901D CARL62GB3.

511-330-229 L62BA-1 L62CC-1 L62CC-2 L62CE-1 L62EA-1 L62EA-10 RLY-420 L62EA-11 L62EA-12 L62EA-2 L62EA-4 L62EA-5 L62EA-6 L62EA-7 L62EA-8 L62EA-9 L62FA-2 L62GB-1 L62GB-2 10-1880 AP-5333-01 600623 C591A1036 A100G543 81211728 RLY0420 RLY00420 18E0201 C591A1002 26162B V800A1070 A100G542 81211736 A100G743 A100R543 C591A1010 C591A1028 10C190 61E6001 C591A1051 C591A1069 C591A1085 C591A1101 EF53FB20 V41A1200 V400A1095 VR4300A4502 V41A2L6 V88A1618 V81A1002 V8202A1034 VR8300A4508 V81A1003 V81A1011 V81A1036 V81A1037 V81A1044 V81A1045 V81A1051 V81A1052 V81A1060 V81A1069 V81A1077 V81A078 V81A1093 V81A1094 V81A1110 V81A1119 V81A1127 V81A1128 V81A1135 V81A1136 V81A1150 V81A1151 V81A1168 V81A1184 V81A1192 V81A1200 V81A1218 V81A1227 V81A1359 V81A1DJ3X V81A1DJ4X V81A1DJ5X V81A22DJ3X V81A22DJ5X V81A23DJ4X V81A23DJ5X V81A24DJ4X V81A24DJ5X V81A25DJ5 V81A26DJ4 V81A26DH4 V81A26DJ6 V81A27DJ4 V81A30DJ4 V81A30DJ5 V81A30DJ6 V81A31DJ4 V81A3DJ4X V81A3DJ5X V81A4DJ4X V81A4DJ5X V81A6DH4 V81A6DJ4 V81A8DJ4 V81B1001 V81B1019 V81B1035 V81B1050 V81B1068 V81B1076 V81B1092 V81B10DJ4 V81B10DJ5 V81B1100 V81B1126 V81B11DJ4 V81B12DJ4 V81B1DJ3 V81B1DJ4 V81B1DJ5 V81B2DJ4 V81B4DJ4 V81B9DH5 V81B9DJ3 V81B9DJ4 V81B9DJ5 V81C1017 V81C1025 V81C1041 V81C1DJ4 V81C1DJ5 V81C2DJ4 V81D1007 V81D1009 V81D1015 V81D1023 V81D1025 V81D1041 V81D1049 V81D1064 V81D1066 V81D1072 V81D1074 V81D1106 V81D1108 V81D1122 V81D1124 V81D1130 V81D1132 V81D1140 V81D1148 V8202A1018 VR8200A2132 V81D1163 V81D1165 V81D1171 V81D1197 V81D1312 V81D1320 V81D1379 V81D1DJ3 V81D1DJ4 V81D1DJ5 V81D2DJ3 V81D2DJ4 V81D2DJ5 V81D2DJ5 V81D3DJ4 V81D4DJ4 V81D5DJ4 V81D5DJ5 V81D6DJ4 V81D7DJ4 V81D7DJ5 V81E1004 V81E1008 V81E1012 V81E1016 V81E1032 V81E1038 V81E1053 V81E1057 V81E1061 V81E1065 V81E1073 V81E1079 V81E1095 V81E1099 V81E1111 V81E1129 V81E1137 V81E1152 V81E1178 V81E1202 V81E1210 V81E1DJ3X V81E1DJ4X V81E1DJ5X V81E2DJ4X V81E2DJ5X V81E4DJ4X V81F1002 V81F1010 V81F1031 V81F1044 V81G1000 V81G1006 V81G1014 V81G1030 V81G1034 V81G10DJ4 V81G6DJ4 V81G9DJ4 V81K1001 V81K1019 V81K1035 V81K1068 V81K1DJ4X V81K1DJ5X V81K2DJ4 V81K3DJ4 V81K3DJ5 V81L1000 V81L1009 V81L1017 V81L1018 V81L1033 V81L1034 V81L1058 V81L1066 V81L1DJ4 V81L1DJ5 V81L2DJ4 V81M1007 V81M1017 V81M1033 V81M1041 V81X1000 V81X1006 V81X1008 V81X1014 V81X1016 V81X1018 V81X1024 V81X1032 V81X1034 V81X1040 V81X1042 V81X1057 V81X1059 V81X1065 V81X1067 V81X1071 V81X1073 V81X1089 V81X1097 511330229 L62BA1 L62CC1 L62CC2 L62CE1 L62EA1 L62EA10 RLY420 L62EA11 L62EA12 L62EA2 L62EA4 L62EA5 L62EA6 L62EA7 L62EA8 L62EA9 L62FA2 L62GB1 L62GB2 101880 AP533301 L62GB-3C L62GB3C C591A1036 A100G543 L62GB-1 853-1 C591A1028 10C190 C852-1 L62CC L62GB-3 L62GB-3C HH71MB066 EF53FB020 HH71MB065 HN680006 P671-3910 46BA633901D CARL62GB3


Used In 50 CARRIER Heating Models:

200FAU14B R 0012 200UA14B R 0012 250FAU14B R 0012 250UA14BR 0012 200U9020A 0024 250U12020A 0024 180579 0068 050394 SER A E 0064 080394 0064 100394 SER A E 0064 125394 SER A E 0064 150394 SER A E 0064 175394 SER A E 0064 200394 0064 050394 SER G 0043 080394 SER G 0043 100394 SER G 0043 125394 SER G 0043 137394 SER G 0043 165394 SER G 0043 190394 SER G 0043 220394 SER G 0043 394B090200 B R 0024 394B120250 B R 0024 080395 0044 B 080395 0044 D 080395 0044 F 100395 0044 B 100395 0044 D 100395 0044 F 125395 0044 B 125395 0044 D 125395 0044 F 150395 0044 B 150395 0044 D 150395 0044 F 175395 0044 B 175395 0044 D 175395 0044 F 200395 0044 B 200395 0044 D 200395 0044 F 180FAU14 0059 180FAU14A 0059 180FAUHAC14 0059 180FAUHAC14A 0059 180UA14 0059 180UA14A 0059 180UAHAC14 0059 180UAHAC14A 0059