Factory Direct Upgraded Replacement Direct Digital Unitary Controller (American Auto-Matrix)

Factory Direct Upgraded Replacement Direct Digital Unitary Controller (American Auto-Matrix)
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Factory Direct Upgraded Replacement Direct Digital Unitary Controller (American Auto-Matrix)

If you require greater flexibility in input, output, or
programmable capabilities than offered by the MC1 or GC1,
then the American Auto-Matrix® GX1 is your solution.
Not only does the GX1 provide powerful stand-alone and
networkable direct digital control and monitoring, it
also supports the SAGE Programming Language (SPL) making
it ideal for custom control applications requiring complex
combinations of inputs and outputs. Typically used for the
control and optimization of large built-up air-handlers,
multiple boilers, chillers, and pumps, it will also handle
maximum demand and load shed algorthims and may also be used
as a multiplexer in a large PUP network. Control functions
include closed loop DDC for applications requiring floating
setpoint actuation and fully modulated analog outputs;
thermostatic control of digital outputs; input pulse counting;
output supervision; and run-time totalization and scheduling.

UL listed 916, Enclosed Energy Management Equipment
UL-recognized 873,Temperature Indicating, and Regulating Equipment
Complies with FCC rules Part 15, Class B Computing Device
Sensor readings every 500 ms
Analogoutputs updated every 500 ms; digital outputs updated every 100 ms
P+I motor position control for floating-setpoint actuators
Time-of-day scheduling
6 KB battery backed-up RAM for programs and attributes
Battery backed-up clock/calendar for scheduling functions
Peer-to-peer operation
Up to 64 GX1 DDC per communications trunk

The GX1 can provide DDC for floating-setpoint actuators by
using pairs of digital outputs to perform time-proportioned motor
positioning. Analog outputs can be used to control electronic
actuators. Each control loop may be programmed to use the high,
low, or average value of any of the eight inputs, or the output
of the SOLOStat™ room monitoring module, as a measured variable.
The GX1 can also perform thermostatic control of any of the eight
digital outputs using any of the eight analog inputs as a measured
variable. For global control and coordination, the GX1 may be programmed
to broadcast and receive outdoor air temperature, relative humidity,
and calculated enthalpy to and from other direct digital controllers
on the network, eliminating the need for redundant sensors. Utilizing a
subset of SPL, the GX1 provides incredible flexibility, making it suitable
for all types of user-defined custom control applications. SPL programs can
be composed of hundreds of statements incorporating logic, flow control,
and arbitrary arithmetic calculations. Time-critical programming may be executed
by a “once-per-second” function. SPL programs can provide control blocks which
respond to arbitrary Public Unitary Protocol™ (PUP) channels and attributes
extending the base features of the GX1.

Eight universal inputs: 0 to 5VDC, 0 to 10VDC, 0 to 20mA switch selectable; 16-bit resolution.
Thermistor type: Precon type-3, 10k.
Input protection: R-C filter plus automotive-grade transient clamp device.
Pulse counting for up to two digital inputs (25Hz)Each universal input may be
programmed to behave as a digital, scaled-linear, or thermistor input.
All ranges may be inverted for reverse-reading sensors. Digital inputs
can generate alarms off-to-on and/or on-to-off and have selectable input

Each analog input has programmable high- and low-alarm limits. Thermistor
inputs can be configured to read either Fahrenheit or Celsius over two
resolutions: -30.0 to 230.0°F (-34.0 to 110.0°C) and -30.00 to 230.00°F
(-34.00 to 110.00°C).

Eight digital outputs: relay, 30VAC/VDC at 5A, Form C.
Four analog outputs: 0 to 10VDC at 10mA maximum, 0 to 20mA current sourcing.
Thermostatic control of digital outputs. Each digital output may be
programmed to operate in one of four modes: on/off, pulsed on,
motor-position control, or pulsed-pair on/off control. Pulse widths
may be set to 100ms, and a pulse width of “0” disables pulsing.
Motor-positioning outputs are enabled in pairs with the even-numbered
outputs generating the “increase” pulse and the odd-numbered
outputs generating the “decrease” pulse. Motor travel times in
seconds may be set independently for each motor- positioning pair.
A programmable calibration interval may be set for automatic
recalibration of motors. For pulsed-pair outputs, the even-numbered
outputs generate the “on” pulse and the odd-numbered outputs generate
the “off” pulse. The four analog outputs may be configured as 0 to 10V
or 0 to 20mA outputs, and scaled to arbitrary units as either
normal or reverse-acting. Analog outputs may be programmed to
operate as a manually controlled output or as the output of a
Proportional+Integral+Derivative (PID) control loop.

While the GX1 provides stand-alone control, it is also compatible
with the entire family of American Auto-Matrix (AAM) products.
For stand-alone operation, the SoloPro for Windows™ interface
software can be used for initial system configuration and for
monitoring or changing setpoints. Each GX1 can also be connected
to the SOLOStat for zone-temperature sensing, remote-temperature
setpoint adjustment, occupancy, and lighting overrides—all of
which can be read by the supervisory controller.
For applications where alarm detection, real-time data trending
or color graphics are paramount, the GX1—via an area controller
such as SF1™ or SAGEMAX™—can be networked to the Auto-Pilot™
software that enables a PC-compatible computer to provide a
user-friendly interface with a network of distributed controllers.
The GX1 networks, through direct connection to the SF1 and SAGEMAX
area controllers, to higher levelcontrol systems for monitoring and
control applications. Up to 128 GX1 DDC can be networked to a single

Line signalling: EIA-485.
Wiring: shielded, twisted pair.
Network protection: dual tranzorbs, PTC.
Communications speed: 1,200 to 38.4k baud, programmable.
Network configuration: multidrop up to 5,000ft. (1.5km).
Protocol: Public Unitary Protocol (PUP)


flat surface with screws; steel shroud

pluggable 0.2in. (5.08mm) terminal blocks .RJ-11 jack

Input Supply.
NEC class II transformer.
24VAC, 50/60Hz, 20VA maximum, 10VA typical.
fused at 1 A for load protection

Operating Environment.
32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C).
0 to 95% RH noncondensing

overall size: 9.0 x 6.9 x 2.2in. (22.8 x 17.5 x 5.6cm)

Replaces Part Numbers: