2-Input Factory Replacement Temperature or Humidity Controller (Barber Colman)

2-Input Factory Replacement Temperature or Humidity Controller (Barber Colman)
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2-Input Factory Replacement Temperature or Humidity Controller (Barber Colman)

This two-input temperature or humidity controller provides heating, cooling, humidification, or dehumidificatio control in HVAC systems.

• Individual setpoints for each input element.
• Self contained package incorporating two bridges and amplifiers.
• One input element has a 0.5 to 1 through 25:1 ratio adjustment.
• Accommodates all temperature/ humidity system 8000 devices.
• Temperature setpoint ranges can be customized with remote setpoint assemblies.
• Standard system 8000 track mounting.

Temperature: TS-8xxx one or two;three sensors through a CN-8101.
Humidity: HS-8x01,VER-HDxx-MSx,VER-HOxx-MSx,VER-HxWx-MA.
Control action: Direct (D.A.)or reverse (R.A.)selectable by jumper.Factory set D.A.
Authority ratio adjustment: 0.5:1 to 25:1,adjustable by dial.
Control output voltage: 1 to 15 Vdc,10 mA maximum.Unit factory calibrated for 7.5 Vdc output with sensor at setpoint temperature.
Power requirements: 20 Vdc (-1.5,+1),23 mA.
Power supply available: 6.2 Vdc,7 mA maximum.Regulated and filtered power supply must not be connected to +6.2 of other supplies.
Remote setpoints: Order separately AT-8122,AT-8155 or AT-8158.
Setpoints,ratio and throttling potentiometers: Visible and accessible without removing controller cover.
Ambient temperature limits Shipping and storage:-40 to 160 qF (-40 to 71 qC).
Operating:40 to 135 qF (4.4 to 57 qC).
Humidity 5 to 95%RH,non-condensing.
Locations: NEMA Type 1.
Connections: Coded screw terminals for 14 to 20 AWG.
Cover: Aluminum.
Mounting: Unit is provided with plastic track for panel mounting.AD-8912 enclosure can be ordered separately for remote installations.
Dimensions: 4 H x 11 W x 2-1/2 D in.(102 x 279 x 64 mm).

Replaces Part Numbers:
CP-812 CARCP8102