3/8" 160/230F Temperature Actuated Modulating Water Valve

Code: PRS47AA2V
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Manufacturer: Johnson Controls

Description: 3/8"160/230F TEMP ACT.REG.VLV
Category: Valves
Sub Category: Temperature Regulating Valves

V47 Series Temperature Actuated Modulating Water Valves

The V47 modulating valves regulate the flow of water to maintain a desired temperature. V47A valves OPEN on a temperature increase at the bulb while V47N valves CLOSE on a temperature increase at the bulb. The V47 temperature valves are widely used on heat exchangers to maintain optimum operating temperatures of internal combustion engines, air compressors, hydraulic oil, etc. Important benefits from the use of water valves include maximum operating efficiency of the equipment and a substantial savings effected by the conservation of water flow. They are used on condenser applications where expensive fluids are economically recovered or where the use of cooling water is restricted and on such varied applications as the temperature control of swimming pools and the control of paint temperatures on industrial printing machines. Temperature actuated three-way diverting valves are available for special applications.

All Series V47 water regulating valves are designed for use only as operating devices. Where system closure, improper flow or loss of pressure due to valve failure can result in personal injury and/or loss of property, a separate pressure relief or safety shutoff valve, as applicable, must be added by the user.

· No close fitting sliding parts in water passages.
· Range spring does not come in contact with the cooling water.
· Easy manual flushing, if required.
· Valve design minimizes chatter and water hammer.
· Free movement of all parts provides smooth temperature modulation.
· Adjustment not affected by water pressure variations.
· Withstands high hydraulic shock without damage.

General Description
A pressure-balanced design, employing synthetic rubber sealing diaphragms correctly proportioned to the valve port area, balances valves against both gradual and sudden water pressure changes, seals water away from range spring and guides and provides protection against high water surge pressures. Range spring and sliding parts are not submerged in water where they would be subject to sedimentation and corrosion. Only five metal parts, made of corrosion. Only five metal parts, made of corrosion resistant material, come in contact with the water -- valve disc holder, disc stud, valve seat, valve stem, and body.

Replaces Part Numbers: V47AA-2, CARV47AA-2