Hot Surface Ignitor Replacement Part (5-1/2" Wire Leads)

Hot Surface Ignitor Replacement Part (5-1/2
Code: HSI41407
Price: $67.73
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Factory Direct Replacement Hot Surface Ignitor

Plug can be cut off from igniter special wire nuts supplied with new igniter

Replaces Obsolete Igniter Part Numbers:

IGN00040 201678 CARL37700 CARL37700 IGN0040 41-403 41403 271M Norton 201, Norton 271, Norton 101W B138196P01 HSI41403 IGN30 HSI41407 511-330-193, 1380654, B138196P01, IGN030, IGN0030, IGN00030, IGN-30, IGN0026, CARL37700, 41-407, IG1000, 1403, 1090, 21D64-1, 21D641, FIG-407, FIG407, CARL38851, CARL37814, CARL37700, CAR41407..

Used In Equipment Model Numbers:

TUD120A960A0 BLU100K94883 BLU080K942A BLU120K948B1 BLU12OK948B1