Amana OEM Furnace Flame Sensor with wire lead.

Amana OEM Furnace Flame Sensor with wire lead.
Code: FLS6437502
Price: $56.76
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Designed for Amana Forced Air Energy Efficent Furnace.
Flame Sensor includes wire lead.
1-1/2" porcelain, 2-3/8" rod.
24" lead wire w/ a .250" female terminal
Replaces Flame Sensor Part Number:

C6437502, C6437503 CARC6437502, CAR760401A.

Used in Amana Goodman Furnace Models:

PGB42B1152C P1183302C GCC045B30A P9898501F GCC045B30B P1107001F GCC070B30A P9898502F GCC070B30B P1107002F GCC070B40A P9898503F GCC070B40B P1107003F GCC090B40A P9898504F GCC090B40B P1107004F GCC090B50A P9898505F GCC090B50B P1107005F GCC115B50A P9898506F GCC115B50B P1107006F GCI045B25B P1106501F GCI045C25A P9898209F GCI045C25B P1106601F GCI070B30B P1106502F GCI070B40B P1106503F GCI070C30A P9898210F GCI070C30B P1106602F GCI070C40A P9898211F GCI070C40B P1106603F GCI090B30B P1106504F GCI090B50B P1106505F GCI090C30A P9898212F GCI090C30B P1106604F GCI090C50A P9898213F GCI090C50B P1106605F GCI115A35 P9811206F GCI115A35C P6983215F P9811214F GCI115A35CV P9811222F GCI115A50 P9811207F GCI115A50C P6983216F P9811215F GCI115A50CV P9811223F GCI115B35A P9898206F GCI115B35B P1106506F GCI115B50A P9898207F GCI115B50B P1106507F GCI115C35A P9898214F GCI115C35B P1106606F GCI115C50A P9898215F GCI115C50B P1106607F GCI140A50 P9811208F GCI140A50C P6983217F P9811216F GCI140A50CV P9811224F GCI140B50A P9898208F GCI140B50B P1106508F GCI140C50A P9898216F GCI140C50B P1106608F GCI45A25C P6983210F P9811209F GCI45A25CV P9811217F GCI70A30C P6983211F P9811210F GCI70A30CV P9811218F GCI70A40C P6983212F P9811211F GCI70A40CV P9811219F GCI90A30C P6983213F P9811212F GCI90A30CV P9811220F GCI90A50C P9811213F GCI90A50CV P9811221F GCI90C50C P6983214F GCN115A40 P9961605F P9961612F P9961617F GCN145A30 P9961607F GCN45A30 P9961601F P9961613F GCN70A30 P9961602F P9961608F P9961614F GCN70A40 P9961603F P9961609F P9961615F GCN90A40 P9961604F P9961610F P9961616F GHI115A35 P6983124F GHI115A35C P6983133F GHI115A35CV P6983142F GHI115A50 P6983125F GHI115A50C P6983134F GHI115A50CV P6983143F GHI140A35 P6983126F GHI140A35C P6983135F GHI140A35CV P6983144F GHI140A50 P6983127F GHI140A50C P6983136F GHI140A50CV P6983145F GHI45A25 P6983119F GHI45A25C P6983128F GHI45A25CV P6983137F GHI70A30 P6983120F GHI70A30C P6983129F GHI70A30CV P6983138F GHI70A40 P6983121F GHI70A40C P6983130F GHI70A40CV P6983139F GHI90A30 P6983122F GHI90A30C P6983131F GHI90A30CV P6983140F GHI90A50 P6983123F GHI90A50C P6983132F GHI90A50CV P6983141F GHN115A50 P9961506F P9961512F GHN45A30 P9961501F P9961507F GHN70A30 P9961502F P9961508F GHN70A40 P99614509F P9961503F GHN90A35 P9961504F P9961510F GHN90A50 P9961505F P9961511F GSI045B25A P9898301F GSI045B25B P1106701F GSI070B30A P9898302F GSI070B30B P1106702F GSI070B40A P9898303F GSI070B40B P1106703F GSI090B30A P9898304F GSI090B30B P1106704F GSI090B50A P9898305F GSI090B50B P1106705F GSI115A35 P6983315F GSI115A50 P6983316F GSI115B35A P9898306F GSI115B35B P1106706F GSI115B50A P9898307F GSI115B50B P1106707F GSI140A50 P6983317F GSI140B50A P9898308F GSI140B50B P1106708F GSI45A25 P6983310F GSI70A30 P6983311F GSI70A40 P6983312F GSI90A30 P6983313F GSI90A50 P6983314F GUC045B30A P9898401F GUC045B30B P1106901F GUC045B30C P1114301F GUC070B30A P9898402F GUC070B30B P1106902F GUC070B30C P1114302F GUC070B40A P9898403F GUC070B40B P1106903F GUC070B40C P1114303F GUC090B35A P9898404F GUC090B35B P1106904F GUC090B35C P1114304F GUC090B50A P9898405F GUC090B50B P1106905F GUC090B50C P1114305F GUC115B50A P9898406F GUC115B50B P1106906F GUC115B50C P1114306F GUI045B25A P9898101F GUI045B25B P1106301F P1158601F GUI045C25A P9898110F GUI045C25B P1106401F P1158701F GUI070B30A P9898102F GUI070B30B P1106302F P1158602F GUI070B40A P9898103F GUI070B40B P1106303F P1158603F GUI070C30A P9898111F GUI070C30B P1106402F P1158702F GUI070C40A P9898112F GUI070C40B P1106403F P1158703F GUI090B30A P9898104F GUI090B30AB P1106304F GUI090B30B P1158604F GUI090B50A P9898105F GUI090B50B P1106305F P1158605F GUI090C30A P9898113F GUI090C30B P1106404F P1158704F GUI090C50A P9898114F GUI090C50B P1106405F P1158705F GUI115B35A P9898106F GUI115B35B P1106306F P1158606F GUI115B50A P9898107F GUI115B50B P1106307F P1158607F GUI115C35A P9898115F GUI115C35B P1106406F P1158706F GUI115C50A P9898116F GUI115C50B P1106407F P1158707F GUI140B35A P9898108F GUI140B35B P1106308F P1158608F GUI140B50A P9898109F GUI140B50B P1106309F P1158609F GUI140C35A P9898117F GUI140C35B P1106408F P1158708F GUI140C50A P9898118F GUI140C50B P1106409F P1158709F PGA24B0452A P1154001C P1164601C PGA24B0702A P1154002C P1164602C PGA24B0902A P1154003C P1164603C PGA30B0452A P1154004C P1164604C PGA30B0702A P1154005C P1164605C PGA30B0902A P1154006C P1164606C PGA36B0452A P1154007C P1164607C PGA36B0453A P1154008C P1164608C PGA36B0702A P1154009C P1164609C PGA36B0703A P1154010C P1164610C PGA36B0704A P1164613C PGA36B0902A P1154011C P1164611C PGA36B0903A P1154012C P1164612C PGA36B0904A P1164614C PGA42B0902A P1154101C PGA42B0903A P1154102C PGA42B1152A P1154103C PGA42B1153A P1154104C PGA48B0902A P1154105C PGA48B0902B P1154111C PGA48B0903A P1154106C PGA48B0903B P1154112C PGA48B0904A P1154117C PGA48B1152A P1154107C PGA48B1152B P1154113C PGA48B1153A P1154108C PGA48B1153B P1154114C PGA48B1352A P1154109C PGA48B1352B P1154115C PGA48B1353A P1154110C PGA48B1353B P1154116C PGA48B1354A P1154118C PGA60B0902A P1154201C PGA60B0903A P1154202C PGA60B1152A P1154203C PGA60B1153A P1154204C PGA60B1154A P1154207C PGA60B1352A P1154205C PGA60B1353A P1154206C PGA60B1354A P1154208C PGB24A0702A P1152402C PGB24A0902A P1152403C PGB24B0452A P1154301C P1164701C PGB24B0702A P1154302C P1164702C PGB24B0902A P1154303C P1164703C PGB30A0452A P1152404C PGB30A0702A P1152405C PGB30A0902A P1152406C PGB30B0452A P1154304C P1164704C PGB30B0702A P1154305C P1164705C PGB30B0902A P1154306C P1164706C PGB36A0452A P1152407C PGB36A0702A P1152408C PGB36A0902A P1152409C PGB36B0452A P1154307C P1164707C PGB36B0702A P1154308C P1164708C PGB36B0902A P1154309C P1164709C PGB42A0902A P1152501C PGB42A1152A P1152502C PGB42B0902A P1152503C PGB42B1152A P1152504C PGB48B0902A P1152505C PGB48B1152A P1152507C PGB48B1352A P1152509C PGB58B0902C P1183309C PGB58B1152C P1183310C PGB58B1352C P1183311C PGB60B0902A P1155801C PGB60B1152A P1155803C PGB60B1352A P1155805C PGC24B0452A P1205401C PGC24B0702A P1205402C PGC30B0702A P1205403C PGC36B0702A P1205404C PGC36B0902A P1205405C PGC42B0902A P1205406C P1205413C PGC42B1152A P1205407C P1205414C PGC48B0902A P1205408C PGC48B1152A P1205410C PGC60B0902A P1205411C PGC60B1352A P1205412C SPCG240451A P1105901C P9999301C SPCG240701A P1105902C P9999302C SPCG240901A P1105903C P9999303C SPCG300451A P1105904C P9999304C SPCG300701A P1105905C P9999305C SPCG300901A P1105906C P9999306C SPCG360451A P1105907C P9999307C SPCG360453A P1105908C P9999308C SPCG360701A P1105909C P9999309C SPCG360703A P1105910C P9999310C SPCG360901A P1105911C P9999311C SPCG360903A P1105912C P9999312C SPCG420901A P1106001C P9999401C SPCG420903A P1106002C P9999402C SPCG421151A P1106003C P9999403C SPCG421153A P1106004C P9999404C SPCG480901A P1106005C P9999407C SPCG480903A P1106006C P9999408C SPCG481151A P1106007C P9999409C SPCG481153A P1106008C P9999410C SPCG481351A P1106009C P9999411C SPCG481353A P1106010C P9999412C SPCG600901A P1107101C P9999413C SPCG600903A P1107102C P9999414C SPCG601151A P1107103C P9999415C SPCG601153A P1107104C P9999416C SPCG601351A P1107105C P9999417C SPCG601353A P1107106C P9999418C P1106304F GUI090B30B GUI09B30B GBI045A25A P1176901F GBI070A30A P1176902F GBI070A40A P1176903F GBI090A30A P1176904F GBI090A50A P1176905F GBI115A35A P1176906F GBI115A50A P1176907F GBI140A50A P1176908F GCC045C30C P1114407F P1161801F GCC045X30A P1161807F GCC070C30C P1114408F P1161802F GCC070C40C P1114409F P1161803F GCC070X30A P1161808F GCC070X40A P1161809F GCC090C40C P1114410F P1161804F GCC090C50C P1114411F P1161805F GCC090X40A P1161810F GCC090X50A P1161811F GCC115C50C P1114412F P1161806F GCC115X50A P1161812F GCI045D25A P1155301F GCI045X25A P1155309F GCI070D35A P1155302F GCI070X35A P1155310F GCI090D30A P1155304F GCI090D50A P1155305F GCI090X30A P1155311F GCI090X50A P1155312F GCI115D35A P1155306F GCI115D50A P1155307F GCI115X35A P1155313F GCI115X50A P1155314F GCI140D50A P1155308F GCI140X50A P1155315F GSI045D25A P1160001F GSI070D30A P1160009F GSI070D35A P1160002F GSI070D40A P1160010F GSI090D30A P1160004F GSI090D50A P1160005F GSI115D35A P1160006F GSI115D50A P1160007F GSI140D50A P1160008F GUC045C30C P1114307F GUC045X30A P1173601F GUC07035 GUC07035 GUC070C40C P1114309F GUC070X40A P1173603F GUC090C35C P1114310F GUC090C50C P1114311F GUC090X35A P1173604F GUC090X50A P1173605F GUC115C50C P1114312F GUC115X50A P1173606F GUD045B30A P1115001F GUD045C30A P1115007F P1164501F GUD045X30A P1164507F GUD070B30A P1115002F GUD070B40A P1115003F GUD070C30A P1115008F P1164502F GUD070C40A P1115009F P1164503F GUD070X30A P1164508F GUD070X40A P1164509F GUD090B35A P1115004F GUD090B50A P1115005F GUD090C35A P1115010F P1164504F GUD090C50A P1115011F P1164505F GUD090X35A P1164510F GUD090X50A P1164511F GUD115B50A P1115006F GUD115C50A P1115012F P1164506F GUD115X50A P1164512F GUI045D25A P1159801F GUI045E25A P1159901F P1159910F GUI045X25A P1174501F GUI070D30A P1159802F GUI070D40A P1159803F GUI070E30A P1159902F P1159911F GUI070E40A P1159903F P1159912F GUI070X30A P1174502F GUI070X40A P1174503F GUI090D30A P1159804F GUI090D50A P1159805F GUI090E30A P1159904F P1159913F GUI090X30A P1174504F GUI090X50A P1174505F GUI115D35A P1159806F GUI115D50A P1159807F GUI115E35A P1159906F P1159914F GUI115X35A P1174506F GUI115X50A P1174507F GUI140D35A P1159808F GUI140D50A P1159809F GUI140E35A P1159908F P1159915F GUI140E50A P1159909F P1159916F GUI140X35A P1174508F GUI140X50A P1174509F GUX045B30A P1119801F P1161701F GUX045X30A P1161707F GUX070B30A P1119802F P1161702F GUX070B40A P1119803F P1161703F GUX070X30A P1161708F GUX070X40A P1161709F GUX090B35A P1119804F P1161704F GUX090B50A P1119805F P1161705F GUX090X35A P1161710F GUX090X50A P1161711F GUX115B50A P1119806F P1161706F GUX115X50A P1161712F