3/4 H.P. 6000 BtuH R-134A Refrigerant Compressor (Tecumseh)

3/4 H.P. 6000 BtuH R-134A Refrigerant Compressor (Tecumseh)
Code: COMP7461YXA
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Tecumseh Compressor Reference:

Rated BTU/Hr:6000
Evap:-10 to +30F
Suction Connection :Valve
Discharge Connection :0.3125
Replaces Compressor Part Numbers:AJ250AT, AJ7461Y, AJA7461YXA, AJA7461YXA, AJ250AT, AJA7461YXA, AJ250AT-188-J7, CARAJA7461YXA..

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What oil is used in an R-12 compressor manufactured today?
Synthetic alkyl ate.

Is 3GS mineral oil compatible with "white oil" and alkylbenzene oil?
Yes. They have different properties, but are chemically compatible.

How long may I leave a compressor charged with POE oil open to the atmosphere?
No more than 15 minutes maximum.

Can blends be charged as vapor?
No. Blends must be charged in liquid phase.

Can R-410A be used in a compressor designed for R-22?
No. Tecumseh is currently developing a line of R-410A compressors.

What is the highest acceptable motor winding temperature for your hermetic motors?
265 degrees Fahrenheit, measured by the resistance method, is the highest acceptable temperature for our hermetic motors.

At what speed do your hermetic compressors run?
Our 60 Hz. compressors run at a nominal 3450 rpms at rated voltage, and our 50 Hz. compressors run at 2,875 rpms.

Can I use a "one size fits all" type of start relay on all of your hermetic air conditioning compressors?
No. Our Engineering department has selected specific relays for each compressor to meet our starting specifications.

I don't have the correct voltage rating on a run capacitor, as specified in your literature; can I use a different voltage rating?
Yes. The voltage rating of all capacitors must be the same as, or greater than, the specified voltage.

If I am replacing a failed compressor with a like new compressor can I use the electrical components from the old compressor on the new compressor?
You should use only new electrical components (e.g. relay, start capacitor, run capacitor) designed for use with the new compressor.